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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Aired 3/26/02


By Carrie

Kim continues to search for her mom, but Teri is nowhere to be found.

The female driver canít believe that Teri has amnesia.  The woman introduces herself as Tanya.  Teri notices a cut on her arm.  Teri canít remember anything.

Jack and Nina arrive at the hotel.  Jack talks to Agent Pierce.  Aaron brings Jack to Drazenís room.  Jack is guaranteed that all exits are being guarded so Drazen canít escape.

Teri recognizes a restaurant sign, so Tanya pulls over to the side of the road.  They walk to the restaurant.  Teri senses that she has been there before.  Teri looks around.  Tanya watches as Teri scans the inside of the restaurant.  Teri tells Tanya that she is going to stay there.  Tanya gives her cab fare for a ride to the hospital.

Nina advises Elizabeth to act as normal as possible.  Jack is busy setting up video equipment in the hotel room.  David doesnít want Elizabeth to go through with the date.  Jack insists that heíll be across the hall the whole time.  David threatens that nothing better happen to Elizabeth.  Jack promises that Elizabeth will be okay.

Kim runs to a pay phone.  She calls CTU, where Almeida answers.  Kim needs to speak to Jack.  Kim explains that she and Teri left the safe house because the agents were killed.  Kim is worried since she canít find her mom.  Tony asks for Kimís location.  Kim is reluctant to say because she doesnít trust anyone.  Kim hangs up on Tony.  Tony tells George about the phone conversation.  George asks Tony to check out phone records from nearby pay phones.

Nina is uneasy about using Elizabeth as bait.  Nina thinks that Jack is acting distant.  Jack is worried about Teri and Kim.  Nina believes that the women are safe.  Jack asks why Nina had Paulson finish the debriefing.  Nina doesnít answer him.

Rickís phone continues to ring.  Finally he picks up.  It is Kim.  Kim is frantic.  Kim thinks that Teri was kidnapped.  Kim wants Rickís address.  Kim says sheíll meet him there later.  Melanie inquires about the call.  Rick is evasive.

At the suite, Keith asks David about his standings in the Primary.  Keith plays the tape of Carlís confession.  David canít believe that Keith took a huge risk at being caught.  Keith hands David the tape for safekeeping.

Alexis calls Andre to say that David is staying in California.  Andre is suspicious of Elizabethís insistence on meeting with Alexis so soon.  Alexis promises to call back with an update.

Jack wants fiber-optic cameras set up in the hotel room.  Elizabeth is uncomfortable with the whole thing.  Jack maintains that the cameras are undetectable.  Jack instructs Elizabeth on what to do if she feels threatened by Alexis in any way.  Elizabeth tells Jack that she still wants to go through with the meeting.

Henry, the restaurant manager, asks Teri if she is okay.  The manager appears to know Teri.  Teri doesnít recall anything.  The manager is acting strange and says heíll call Dr. Parslow.  Henry says that heíll call the hospital where the doctor works.

Jack goes to the hotel room across the hall.  Nina is silent.  Jack inquires about Ninaís odd behavior.  Nina admits that Teri knows the truth about their relationship.  Jack is upset and says that he planned on telling Teri the truth sooner.  Jack gets the signal that Alexis has entered his hotel room.

Jack and Nina are watching through the hidden camera.  Alexis goes to the bathroom.  Elizabeth walks to the hotel room and knocks on the door.  Alexis answers after a minute.  He grabs Elizabeth and hugs her.  Alexis wants to kiss, but Elizabeth pulls away.  Alexis thinks that Elizabeth is on edge.  Elizabeth excuses it away.  Alexis implies that they should have sex.  They kiss while Jack and Nina nervously watch.  Alexis still isnít convinced that everything is okay.  Alexis leaves the room to fix Elizabeth a drink.  Elizabeth grabs Alexisí wallet from his jacket.  Jack instructs the SWAT team to get ready.  Alexis hands Elizabeth a drink.  Alexis suggests that they take a trip together after the election wraps up.  They lay on the bed.  Alexis asks questions about Palmerís campaign.  Elizabeth suddenly gets up and is acting strangely.  Elizabeth explains that she hasnít eaten all day and asks to order in for food.  Elizabeth puts the wallet back in Alexisí jacket with the tracking device in place.  Elizabeth receives a call from Jack, but doesnít pick up.  Jack is mad because Elizabeth was supposed to answer.  Elizabeth takes off her jacket.  Alexis orders food.  Jack realizes that Elizabeth has a knife.  Elizabeth stabs Alexis in the stomach before Jack can enter the hotel room.  Alexis is bleeding profusely.

Kim shows up at Rickís location.  Melanie, Rickís girlfriend, answers the door and isnít happy to see Kim.  Melanie inquires about Kim and Rickís friendship.  Rick comes to the door and admits to Melanie that he was shot.  Kim wants to know who Dan was working with.  The cab driver honks his horn.  Rick pays the driver for Kim.

Dr. Parslow appears at the restaurant.  Teri is napping.  Teri wakes up and doesnít recognize the doctor.  Dr. Parslow says that he is thankful that the manager called him.

George gives Jack a hard time about Elizabeth Nash.  Jack isnít confident that Alexis Drazen will regain consciousness.  David walks in and inquires about the fiasco.  David tells Elizabeth that heíll help her get out of this mess.  Alexisí phone begins to ring.  Jack answers, pretending to be Drazen.  The man says to meet him downtown at a place called Connieís in forty-five minutes.

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