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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Aired 3/19/02


By Carrie

In New Orleans, Robert Ellis is dead.  Jack keeps yelling into the phone, but no one answers.  Ellisí killer turns off Bobís phone.  Jack calls Agent Watson in New Orleans.  Jack thinks that something happened to Ellis.

Milo shows Jack some photos of possible assassins that could be in the Los Angeles area.  Jack wants the photos to be faxed to the Secret Service agents protecting Palmer.  Milo points out that Alexis Drazen, Victorís son, is one of the men in the photos.

Elizabeth updates Alexis that Palmer is staying in the state.  Elizabeth promises to call back later.

Two agents arrive to keep an eye on the Bauer women.  They remain outside and pretend to be landscape workers.  Jack calls Teri at the safe house.  Jack thinks that Teri wants to tell him something.  Teri says that theyíll talk after the Palmer situation wraps up.

Agent Aaron Pierce briefs Palmerís staff.  Aaron shows them the three photos of the assassins.  Elizabeth is sickened when she recognizes Alexis.  Elizabeth quickly leaves the room.

At the safe house, Kim tells Nina that she has no idea where Rick is.  Teri interrupts and tells Nina that she is ready to resume the debriefing.  Teri confides that she is no longer mad at Nina for seeing Jack.  Nina brings up that Kim is protecting Rick.  Teri thinks that Nina is wrong.

David calls Jack.  David explains that Elizabeth Nash, an aide, recognized Alexis.  David adds that Elizabeth and Alexis are seeing each other.  Jack updates David that he lost contact with Ellis.  Jack thinks that Ellis ran into trouble and is probably dead.

Rick gets a call from Kim.  Kim says that she wants to tell Nina the truth.  Rick wants to know if Nina has any evidence of his involvement in the kidnapping.  A girl named Melanie comes in the room, so Rick insists that he has to get off the phone.  Rick tells Melanie that he needs to rest.

Teri appears frazzled by Ninaís questioning.  Teri apologizes for her odd behavior.

George Mason returns to CTU.  George tells Jack that he is taking over for Alberta and Ryan.  Jack updates George on the Drazens.  Jack explains that Nash recognizes Alexis Drazen.  Jack thinks that Elizabeth should stick to her planned meeting with Alexis.

David speaks to Keith at the suite.  David brings up their last heated conversation.  David wants Keith to confide in him.  Keith asks about Dr. Ferragamo.  David says that there is a more pressing matter to deal with Ė a security issue.  Keith is mad nonetheless.  David maintains that he will find justice for Ferragamo.

Jovan Myovic, the fake agent that spoke to Nina at CTU, calls Andre Drazen.  Myovic tells Andre that he has killed the two agents outside the safe house.

Jack canít access files on his CTU computer.  Jack asks Milo for help.  Milo says that Mason downgraded everyoneís clearance levels.  Milo finds a way around the inconvenience.  Jack asks Milo if anyone has been acting suspicious at CTU.  Milo canít believe that another mole could be in the department.

Keith calls Carl to meet.  Nicole overhears the telephone conversation.  Nicole thinks it is a bad idea to speak to Carl.  Keith blames himself for everything.  Keith tells Nicole to trust him.  Nicole causes a distraction so Keith can leave the suite.

Jack finds out that Victor Drazen has two sons, Alexis and Andre.  Elizabeth shows up to speak to Jack.  Elizabeth says that sheíll fully cooperate.  Elizabeth explains that Alexis told her he owned a German import company.  Elizabeth adds that Alexis would buy her lavish gifts from time to time.  Jack asks when Elizabeth met Alexis.  Elizabeth discloses that they met a month ago at a bar.  Jack wants Elizabeth to keep her date with Alexis.  Jack insists that Elizabeth put a tracking device on Drazen.  Elizabeth is hesitant at first, but agrees to do it to help the Senator.

A CTU agent shows Teri and Kim some photos.  They come across a picture of Eli.  Kim tells the agent that Eli was one of Gainesí guards.   The agent walks out of the room and is taken by surprise by Myovic.

Teri is zoning out and distant.  Kim asks for a break.  Agent Paulson gets some coffee and thinks something is awry.  He calls out to the other agent, but there is no answer.  Agent Paulson tells the women to come with him.  He has Teri and Kim lock themselves in the bedroom.  Paulson checks out the house.  Myovic comes out of a room, pretending to surrender.  Mishko, another assassin, grabs Paulson from behind.

Teri and Kim manage to get to the garage.  Myovic shoots at them while they leave with the car.  Mishko is injured but Myovic runs to his car.  Myovic speeds after the Bauer women.

Jack instructs Elizabeth on what to say at the meeting with Alexis.  Milo tells Jack that Ellisí body was found.  Jack spots Nina when she arrives back at CTU.  Jack tells Nina that she was supposed to stay at the safe house.

Teri continues to drive around while Myovic chases them.  Teri veers into another direction.  They lose sight of Myovic.  Teri gets out of the car to make sure they lost Myovic for good.  The vehicle starts to go down the hill with Kim inside.  Teri watches as the car falls.  The car crashes and blows up.  Teri collapses on the ground.

Keith goes to meet with Carl at a public place.  Keith confronts Carl about the therapist.  Carl says that Dr. Ferragamo alerted Maureen Kingsley.  Keith is adamant that Gibsonís death was accidental.  Keith points out that Carl is guilty of two cover-ups.  Carl appears nervous, but emphasizes that there is fabricated evidence showing Keithís involvement in Ferragamoís death.  Keith canít believe that Carl is blackmailing him.  Keith appears defeated and watches Carl walk away.  Unbeknownst to Carl, Keith has taped their entire conversation.

Teri wakes up.  She is dazed and confused as she walks around.  A woman pulls up in a vehicle and asks Teri if she is alright.  Teri seems disoriented.  The woman asks for Teriís name, but Teri canít remember it.  Teri is suffering from amnesia.  Teri gets in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Myovic continues to drive around looking for the Bauer women.

Kim wakes up covered in grass and dirt.  Kim looks around and sees smoke in the distance.  Kim yells out to her mom, but she canít find Teri.

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