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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Aired 3/12/02


By Carrie

At CTU, Tony tells Senator Palmer that they have protocol to follow.  Tony says that he will contact Ryan.  David insists that he speak to Jack.  Tony talks to Ryan.  Ryan is wondering why the Senator is at CTU.  Milo asks Tony why Palmer wants to speak to Jack.  Milo informs Tony that he is still working on the Intel.

Teri, Nina, and Kim are in the car on their way to the safe house.  Teri wants to know if they are safe.  Teri worries about Jack.  Teri tells Kim about the cyst, but maintains that she is fine now.

Jack explains to Alberta how Ira Gaines first contacted him.  Alberta says that Teri and Kim have been moved to the safe house.  Jack is furious that Alberta didnít tell him sooner.  Jack wants to talk to Ryan.

After having sex, Elizabeth and Alexis talk about the Senator.  Elizabeth says that David is headed to Nevada.  Elizabeth goes to take a shower.

David makes some calls to higher-ups so he can have access to Jack.  Ryan finally speaks with David.  Ryan explains that they have to go through procedure.  Ryan gets a call from the Pentagon.  Ryan tells Tony to go get Jack.  David asks for the CTU cameras to be shut down.  Ryan okays it.  Tony tells Jack that Teri and Kim are safe.  Tony announces that Jack has a visitor.  Jack is escorted out of Holding.  Jack sees Milo and apologizes for switching the cards.  Jack is shocked to see the Senator.  The two sit down in a secure room.  David accuses Jack of being a traitor.  David brings up Kosovo.  David thinks that Jack blames him for what happened.  Jack says that he doesnít blame the Senator at all.  Jack explains that his family was kidnapped, so that is why he was at the power plant.  Jack realizes that David is hearing his version for the first time.  David is shocked by what Jack reveals.

An agent radios in that the Bauers have arrived at the safe house.  Nina introduces the agents to Teri and Kim.  They enter the house.  Kim asks if they have to stay long.  Teri heads to the bathroom.  Teri pulls out the pregnancy test.

The Senator talks to Jack about the Kosovo covert operation and Victor Drazen.  David brings up Robert Ellis, the only other man who knew about Operation Nightfall.  David decides to contact Robert.  Jack thinks that someone is looking for payback.

In New Orleans, Robert Ellis is playing a game of poker.  Robert gets a call from Palmer.  Ellis canít believe that Jack and David are in the same room.  Robert doesnít think that anyone else knew about Operation Nightfall.  Jack tells Robert that he is being investigated, so he doesnít have the means to check out any information.  Robert assures David and Jack that he will send them a list of Drazenís associates.  Robert adds that heíll be in touch.

Teri waits for the results of the pregnancy test.  Nina knocks on the door.

Sherry returns to Campaign Headquarters.  Elizabeth wants to know whatís going on.  Elizabeth calls Alexis in private.  Alexis is eating at an outdoor restaurant.  Elizabeth says that Davidís plans have changed.  Elizabeth promises that she will call back in an hour with more details.  Once off the phone, Alexis tells Andre Drazen about how he got rid of Gainesí men.  Alexis reassures Andre that Palmer will be dead by the end of the day.

Kim notices the pregnancy test.  Kim confronts her mom about it.  Teri admits that she is pregnant.  Kim is bothered.  Teri insists that the pregnancy was unplanned.  Teri is scared.  Kim apologizes, but Teri walks away.

David and Jack look over the associatesí names.  Ellis hears Milo come into the room and talks to him via speakerphone.  Milo gives Robert his password so he can access important files.  Ellis tells the men that something has been removed from the file.  Ellis notices a strange character in the bar, but the man leaves.

Kim and Teri eat in the kitchen.  Kim tells her mom that she is sorry.  Kim asks Teri when she is going to tell Jack about the baby.  Teri calls Jack, but Tony answers.  Teri leaves a message for Jack to call her back.  Nina wants to start the debriefing.

Kim heads to the bedroom, but not before she pockets the cell phone sitting on the kitchen counter.  Kim calls Rick.  Rick is in a garage tending to his wound.  Kim asks Rick how he is doing.  Rick insists that he canít go to the hospital.  Kim says that she and her mother will be debriefed about the kidnapping.  Kim thinks that Rick should turn himself in.  Rick doesnít answer and hangs up on Kim.

Jack and David are talking about the assassination attempt.  They both concur that the attempt had nothing to do with Davidís political views.  The Senator and Jack realize that someone is seeking revenge on them.  Sherry calls David.  Sherry asks why he is at CTU.  Jack is trying not to eavesdrop.  Once off the phone, David tells Jack that he has misjudged him.  David admits that he has regrets concerning Keith.  Jack points out that parenting isnít easy.  David asks about Jackís family.  Jack discloses that he doesnít know how they are doing.  Milo walks in.  Milo hands Jack and David some files.  They look over the documents.  Jack gives David a name, but Palmer doesnít recognize it.  David is reading the file when he suddenly stops.  David tells Jack to check out page four.  They discover that Victor Drazenís wife and daughter died in the Kosovo explosion.  David wants to speak to Chappelle.

Nina debriefs Teri.  Teri talks about Rick.  Teri says that Rick helped them by getting a gun.  Teri admits that she doesnít know much about Rick.  Nina makes a comment about Kim.  Teri is surprised that Jack would talk about Kim at work.  Nina emphasizes that Jack never talked about his marriage.  Teri brings up that Jack was seeing someone during the separation.  Teri realizes that Nina was the one Jack was dating.  Nina tells Teri the truth about her and Jackís relationship.  Nina insists that the relationship was a mistake.  Nina stresses that she and Jack are over.  Teri asks for a break from the debriefing.

David tells Jack that he needs to leave CTU.  David speaks to Ryan about Jackís detainment.  David wants Jack reinstated.  Alberta is outraged.  Jack pipes in that he can have provisional status for today.  Ryan agrees to the suggestion, but isnít happy about it.  Alberta is furious.  David tells Jack that he planned on leaving the state, but intends to stay put until the threat is over.  Jack says that he will keep David updated on the situation.  David shakes Jackís hand and leaves.

Kim is debriefed.  Nina asks about Rick.  Kim implies that Dan was the one behind the kidnapping.  Nina gets a call from Jack.  Jack reports that he is on provisional status.  Jack says that two more teams are on their way to the safe house.  Nina hands Teri the phone.  Jack asks how Teri is doing.  Teri changes her mind about telling Jack about the pregnancy.  Teri admits that she is exhausted.  Jack promises to call later.  Kim asks her mom about Jackís reaction to the pregnancy.  Teri says that she didnít tell him.  Teri maintains that it isnít the right time to tell Jack.  Teri is acting distant.

Robert heads for the restroom.  Robert calls Jack.  Ellis says that he still canít find the missing file.  A man suddenly grabs Robert and begins to strangle him.  Robert is unable to speak.  Jack canít hear Robert.   Jack doesnít know what happened.

In the bedroom, Teri lays down on the bed.

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