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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Aired 3/5/02

President Palmer

By Carrie

The chopper heads for CTU.  Jack smiles knowing that his family is safe.  Nina and Alberta wait for the chopper to land.  Jack, Teri, and Kim get out of the chopper.  Teri tells Jack about her stomach problems.  Alberta tells Jack that he will be debriefed and handed over to the FBI.  Teri and Kim head to Medical.  Jack asks Nina to keep an eye on his wife and daughter.  Jack enters the Holding room.

Nina asks Alberta for a one-hour break, but Alberta flatly refuses.  Nina confides that Jack asked her to look after Teri and Kim.  Alberta finally okays it as long as Tony has all the needed files.

At Campaign Headquarters, David makes telephone calls about the Primary predictions.  David talks to Sherry in private.  Sherry is resolute that David canít talk about the cover-up any longer.  David decides that he is going to step back from the story.  David admits to Sherry that heís being blackmailed.  Sherry canít believe that the higher-ups want to pin Dr. Ferragamoís death on Keith.

At CTUís Medical, Dr. Kent speaks to Teri about her stomach pains.  Kim is led to another room to be checked out.  Teri admits to the doctor that she was raped.  Dr. Kent advises that Teri get a blood test and see the CTU psychiatrist.  Teri adamantly refuses to speak to the shrink.  Teri tells Dr. Kent that she doesnít want Jack to know anything about this.

Mike and David talk politics at the suite.  Mike senses that the Ferragamo situation wonít die.  Keith overhears them speaking and asks about the therapist.  David sadly informs his son that Dr. Ferragamo died in a fire.  Keith is suspicious.  Keith doesnít want to let it go.  Keith wants David to go to the police.  David is mad that Keith wonít listen to him.  David says that they canít go to the authorities without credible proof of a murder.  Keith maintains that he wants the killer to be brought to justice.  David swears that heíll find out what really happened to Dr. Ferragamo.  David admits that they canít come forward with unfounded suspicions.  David hugs Keith.

Regional Director Ryan Chappelle arrives at CTU to question Jack.  Alberta brings Ryan to Holding.  Jack shakes Ryanís hand.  Ryan puts on a tape recorder.  Jack explains the dayís timeline.

Nina goes to find Teri, but an agent is waiting in the room instead.  The agent is evasive and doesnít say much.  Nina leaves the room to find Teri.  Nina finds Teri and Kim in adjoining rooms.  Teri is having an ultrasound on her stomach.  Teri asks about Jack.  Nina insists that they still need to debrief Teri and Kim.  Teri thanks Nina for all her help.

Nina returns to Teriís original room in Medical, but the agent is gone.  Nina looks around for the mysterious agent.  Nina talks to a female agent, but the woman insists that she and her partner are the only ones there to interrogate Teri and Kim.  Nina begins to worry.

Jack continues to tell his story to Ryan.  Ryan brings up that Jack didnít follow protocol.  Jack is mad that Ryan isnít understanding of the situation.  Jack says that he can still help protect Senator Palmer.

Nina calls Jack.  Ryan leaves the room.  Jack explains what happened during the interrogation.  Jack thanks Nina for her help.  Nina is quiet.  Jack thinks that something is wrong.  Jack brings up that someone must have recruited Jamey.  Nina is worried about Teri and Kimís safety.  Nina reassures Jack that sheíll watch over them.

Tony tells Alberta that the Intel is showing the possible arrival of assassins in the Los Angeles area.

There is a meeting in the desert.  Kevin has taken over as leader of Gainesí men.  Alexis, an assassin, is watching them from afar.  Kevin calls Drazen.  Kevin is confident that they can still get to Palmer.  Drazen isnít interested and hangs up on Kevin.  Kevin notices Alexis in the distance.  Suddenly, the building close to Kevin blows up.  Kevin is injured.  Alexis kicks Kevinís gun away.  Alexis shoots Kevin and walks away.

Tony advises that Palmer needs to get out of California pronto.  Alberta asks Tony if he wants a higher position at CTU.  Tony is surprised.  Alberta says that Ryan will be speaking to him regarding the matter.  Alberta stresses that Tony tell Ryan the truth.

Jack is eating in Holding when Alberta shows up to debrief him.  Jack says that he went over everything with Chappelle.  Jack wants to call Teri and Kim, but Alberta says no.  Jack thinks that Alberta needs to check out the Balkan terrorist database.

Nina calls Tony.  Nina tells him about the supposed agent she met.  Tony says that heíll look into it.

Patty asks for Sherryís advice on something.  Keith is obviously upset.  Sherry questions him and Keith admits that he knows about Dr. Ferragamoís death.  Sherry tries to console Keith, but he wants to go to the police.  Sherry says that they canít do that.  Sherry tells her son that he needs to respect Davidís decision.  David announces to Sherry that they need to leave California due to an imminent threat.  Sherry is confused since Bauer is in custody.  Palmer emphasizes that more assassins are looking for him.

Jack continues to tell Alberta about the dayís events.

Tony meets with Chappelle in private.  Ryan wants to know Tonyís opinion regarding Jack.  Tony surprises Ryan by defending Jackís actions.

The car ride is quiet.  Mike whispers to David that Jack Bauer was in Special Forces in Kosovo two years prior.  David realizes that is why he recognized Jackís name.  David thinks that Bauer blames him for the undercover mission that killed Jackís men overseas.

Elizabeth Nash, one of Palmerís aides, tells Patty that she needs to leave the suite for a while.  Elizabeth gets on the elevator and goes to room 1243.  Alexis, the assassin, answers the door.  Elizabeth and Alexis begin to kiss.

Nina has a technician check for fingerprints in the Medical room.  The tech canít find any prints.  Fearing the worst, Nina wants Teri and Kim to be brought to the safe house immediately.

Dr. Kent informs Teri that her stomach pains were caused by a cyst that burst.  Dr. Kent stresses that Teri needs to do a pregnancy test just in case.  Nina walks in and insists that Teri and Kim be moved to the safe house right away.  Teri and Kim follow Nina out of Medical.  Dr. Kent hands Teri a paper bag which contains a pregnancy test.  The Ďagentí is watching as the Bauer women are led outside.  The man makes a call to say that the Bauers are on the move.

David goes to CTU.  David speaks to Tony.  David wants to see Jack to the surprise of everyone.

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