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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Aired 2/26/02

Teri and Kim

By Carrie

The van continues to burn.

Jack and Rick are running from the compound.  Ira is mad at Kevin for allowing Jack to find them.  Ira tells his men that they need to find the Bauers.

Teri tells Kim that Jack will meet them soon.  They continue to follow the creek using Jack’s GPS device.

Rick stops by a tree and falls to the ground.  Rick tells Jack that he can’t walk any further.  Jack hides behind a tree when he notices Ira’s goon.  Jack tells Rick to stay quiet.  Jack whispers that they need to move.

Teri and Kim don’t know which direction to go.  They are completely surrounded by Gaines’ men.

Nina tries to call Jack, but there is no answer.  Tony speaks to Nina, but she is worried about Jack.  Tony says that a tactical team will be showing up at the compound soon.  Nina apologizes for her evasiveness.  Tony says that it is okay.

Alberta wants Nina to question Erica Vasquez, Jamey’s mother.  Alberta is curious about the $300,000 sitting in Erica’s bank account.

David thinks that Dr. George Ferragamo, Keith’s therapist, was murdered.  Mike thinks that David is paranoid.  David makes a comment about Maureen Kingsley.

Drazen calls Ira.  Ira implies that he has already gotten rid of Jack.  Gaines tells Kevin that they need to kill Jack in order to stay alive themselves.

Rick and Jack continue to run.  They find an abandoned water tower where Jack checks Rick’s wound.

Teri uses the GPS device, but she thinks they are lost.  Kim is frustrated.  Teri appears disoriented.

David talks to Sherry about Dr. Ferragamo.  David can’t believe that Mike and Sherry agree that David needs to let it go.  Sherry insists that David needs to keep quiet about the whole thing.  Sherry adds that David can’t prove that the therapist was murdered.  Sherry points out that Carl is working for some very powerful people.  David is still unsure of what to do.

Jack is panicking because Teri and Kim haven’t made it to the water tower.  Jack calls Alberta for help.  Jack tells Rick that he is going to look for the women.  Rick is remorseful about his actions.  Jack lets Rick know that he doesn’t stand a chance with Kim.

Kim notices one of Gaines’ men, so they hide behind some brush.  Teri and Kim hide in a rundown cabin.  A man is right outside the cabin.  He is creeping closer to the door.  Teri and Kim hide behind a door.  Teri is holding the gun.  The man gets a message from Ira, so he leaves before checking out the cabin.  Teri breathes a sigh of relief.  Teri grabs at her stomach.  Kim suddenly notices the man and he sees them through the window.  Kim and Teri duck as the man shoots at them.  Jack shows up and kills the man.  Ira radios in but no one answers.  Jack, Teri, and Kim run towards the water tower.

Nina and Tony meet with Erica.  Tony apologizes for Erica’s loss.  Erica wants to see Kyle.  Tony admits that Jamey was a corrupt agent.  Jamey’s mom can’t believe it.  Nina brings up the payments that were deposited in Erica’s bank account.  Erica says that Jamey put the money in the account.  Erica adds that she never asked any questions regarding the money.

Ira is walking through the woods and radioing in to the other men.

David knocks on Maureen’s door.  Maureen doesn’t have anything to say.  David wants Maureen to run with the story.  Maureen discloses that she no longer works at the network.  David accuses Maureen of being bought.  David is outraged.  Maureen explains that all the evidence is gone regarding Keith’s involvement in Gibson’s death.  Maureen insists that David let it go.

Ira and Kevin find out that Jack took the man’s walkie-talkie.

Tony and Nina look over Vasquez’s account.  Nina notices a connection concerning money coming from Belgrade.

Jack is wondering where the chopper is.  Kim inquires about Rick.  Gaines shoots at them.  They jump back.  Jack goes after Ira.

Gaines and Kevin notice Jack.  Gaines shoots at Jack, but Jack hides behind a tree.  Kevin approaches Jack.  Gaines tells Jack that he needs to kill him.  The chopper appears overhead.  Jack manages to surprise Ira.

David meets with Carl.  David says that he has every intention of running with the story.  Carl warns that David is opening a can of worms.  Carl thinks that David will end up taking the fall for everything.  Carl implies that Keith would be charged with arson in the death of Dr. Ferragamo.  David becomes angry.  Mike realizes that David is upset.  David changes his mind about telling the truth.  David tells Mike that he needs to concentrate on the election.

The chopper is flying over Teri and Kim.  They wave to the agents.  Once on the ground, the agents ask the women if they are hurt.  Teri is worried about Jack.  Kim runs to the water tower but Rick is gone.  Kim wants to find Rick, but Teri advises against it.  Rick runs to the road.

Gaines has a bullet wound.  Jack radios in to Ira.  Jack asks about the connection to Belgrade.  Gaines is unwilling to answer.  Jack aims a gun at Ira.  Jack wants to help Ira, but Ira knows that Drazen will come after him if he fails the mission.  Jack shoots Gaines.  The agents show up to arrest Jack.

Rick waits for a bus.  Rick pays the bus driver and sits in the back of the bus.

Teri and Kim sit in the water tower.  Jack shows up.  Jack reassures them that they’ll be okay.  The agents tell Jack that he needs to go to CTU.  The Bauers get on the chopper and fly out of the area.

Alberta informs Nina and Tony that the Bauers were rescued.  Nina brings up that another assassin is probably headed to Los Angeles.

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