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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Aired 2/19/02

creepy guy

By Carrie

Jack and Kevin are driving through traffic.  Jack warns that Teri and Kim better be okay.

Alberta tells the CTU staff that the Senator is still in danger.  Alberta thinks that finding Jack Bauer is key.  Alberta brings up that they need to find out the identity of the man posing as Martin Belkin.

Jack calls Nina.  Jack wants Nina to get him satellite photos.  Jack promises that heíll turn himself in once he knows his family is safe.  Nina tells Tony where Jack is.  Tony admits that he will continue to cover for Jack.  Alberta is watching them from above.

Teri and Kim push Eliís body out of the way.  Kim is relieved that Eli is dead.  Eliís pager beeps.  Kim and Teri hide Eliís body.

Jack and Kevin pull up to the compoundís perimeter.  Nina tells Jack that she will send the satellite photos to him.  Nina brings up that they should let Alberta know whatís going on.  Jack bluntly says no.  Jack tells Kevin to get out of the car.  Kevin says that Jack will need his help.  Kevin warns that they canít alert Gaines to their presence.

David is preoccupied during the car ride.  Mike notices.  David tells Mike about Carl.  Mike thinks that David is jumping to conclusions.  Mike doesnít think that Carl would have someone killed.

Kevin drives up to the compoundís entrance.  Jack is in the back of the limo, holding a gun.  The guard lets Kevin enter.  Jack tells Kevin to stop the car a few minutes in.  Kevin brings up Teri, which angers Jack. In frustration, Jack punches Kevin, knocking him out.

Ira talks to Drazen through his cell phone.  Ira asks Rick where Eli is.  Rick lies and says that he doesnít know.

Jack is running through the compoundís premises.  Jack checks out different buildings but doesnít notice Teri or Kim.

David calls Keithís therapist.  The doctor doesnít like to be threatened.  The therapist hangs up on David.  David tells Mike that he plans on talking to the therapist in person.  Mike advises against this, but David insists.

Teri and Kim decide to leave the shed.  All of a sudden, they hear movement outside.  Kim hides while Teri aims the gun at the shed door.  Jack appears.  Teri canít believe it.  Teri and Jack kiss.  Jack hugs Kim.  They are all relieved.

Alberta asks Nina if she has located Jack Bauer.  Alberta thinks that Nina and Tony are lying.  Alberta tells the two that they are being suspended.  Nina and Tony arenít happy.

Rick goes to check on Eli.  Jack takes a photo of Eli and saves it on his phone.  Teri continues to have stomach pains.  Rick enters the shed.  Jack grabs him, but Kim yells to let Rick go.

Alberta interrogates Tony in Holding.  Alberta implies that Nina is taking advantage of Tony.  Alberta insists that Tony needs to look at the bigger picture Ė a Senatorís life is at risk.

Nina waits alone in Holding.

Tony insists that he doesnít know where Jack is.  Alberta says that Tony has ten minutes to make a decision.

In the shed, Jack tells Teri, Kim, and Rick that he is going to move to the north side of the compound.  Teri maintains that they are all leaving together.  Rick offers an easier way for them to escape.  Gaines suddenly radios in to Rick.  Rick covers for the Bauers and says that Eli is burying the womenís bodies.

A guard notices the limo.  The guard sees that Kevin is duct-taped in the front seat.

Rick looks through the vans to find an empty one.  Rick grabs a gun and gets into one of the vans.  Gaines stops Rick before he can drive away.  Gaines questions Rick about Eli.  Rick explains that Eli needs the van.  The guard alerts Gaines about Kevin.  Gaines tells Rick that they are driving to the limo.

Mike reminds David to watch what he says to the therapist.  They pull up to the therapistís office building.  Medical personnel are on the scene.  Mike asks an officer what happened.  Mike explains to David that there was a fire which killed Keithís therapist.  Mike thinks it was an accident, but David has his doubts.

Alberta returns to Holding to get Tonyís decision.  Before Tony can answer, Alberta gets a call from Jack.  Jack explains that his family was kidnapped.  Jack gives Alberta the location of Gainesí compound.  Alberta doesnít trust Jack.

Jack reassures Kim that theyíll be alright.  Teri watches them with admiration.  Jack swears that things will be different for he and Teri.

Alberta tells Tony and Nina about Jackís call.  Alberta releases the two from Holding and tells them to get back to work.  Tony tells Nina that he thinks he would have told Alberta the truth.

Kevin wakes up.  Ira wants to know what happened.  Kevin mumbles that Jack is at the compound.  Rick pulls away in the van.  Gaines alerts the others.

Jack, Teri, and Kim make their way through the shed.  Rick drives up to the shed.  All three make it into the van.  Jack says that heíll drive.  Gaines heads to the shed, but he is too late.  Gaines finds Eliís dead body in the shed.  Gaines and his men drive away in their jeep.  Ira spots Rickís van.  Gaines shoots at the vanís tire.  Jack, Teri, Kim, and Rick get out of the van and hide behind it.  Jack tells the others to run.  Teri doesnít want to leave her husband behind.  Jack maintains that Teri needs to protect Kim.  Teri and Kim manage to run away.  Rick covers for Jack as gunfire comes their way.  Jack manages to blow up the van.  Jack and Rick run for the clearing, but Rick is slow due to a gunshot wound.  Jack and Rick walk away from the premises.

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