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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Aired 2/12/02

creepy guy

By Carrie

Alberta looks around CTU Headquarters.  Alberta says to everyone that someone was posing as Martin Belkin, the photographer at the power plant.  Nina relays to Alberta that she hasnít heard from Jack.

Ted Cofell gets a phone call.  Cofell tells his driver (Jack) that there is a change in plans.  Jack doesnít respond.  Cofell realizes that Mark isnít driving.  Jack refuses to stop the limo.  Finally, Jack pulls over and aims a gun at Cofell.  Cofell wants to know what Jack wants.  Jack inquires about Gaines.  Cofell plays stupid.  Jack is unwilling to go away.  Cofell says he doesnít know anything.  Jack calls Nina.  He asks about Teri and Alberta.  Jack explains that he kidnapped Cofell.  Nina tells Jack that she canít cover for him anymore.  Jack insists that he needs help getting Cofell to talk.  Jack drives away.

Teri reassures Kim that Jack will rescue them.  Rick checks on the women, who are still being kept in the shed.  Rick tells them to keep quiet.  Eli comes back to the shed.  Eli kicks Rick.

At her desk, Nina looks over Cofellís profile.  Nina tells Alberta that the real Martin Belkin died in the plane explosion earlier in the day.  Jack calls Nina.  Nina refers to him as ĎBillí in front of Alberta.  Alberta walks away.  Nina tells Jack about Cofell.  Jack pulls the limo over to the side of the road.  Jack takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves as Cofell watches.  Jack gets in the back of the limo and interrogates Cofell.  Cofell is evasive.  Jack wants to know who Cofell plans to meet with.  Cofell comments that he is meeting with an old friend named Kevin Carroll.  Jack calls Nina and asks her to run a search on Carroll.  Jack uses scare tactics to get through to Cofell.  Jack maintains that heíll do anything to find his family.  Jack opens Tedís wallet.  Ted brings up that he is concerned about his own family.

Gaines meets with Drazen.  Gaines says that he is still waiting to hear word from Jamey.  Drazen is disappointed that Ira canít locate Jack.  Drazen implies that Palmer and Jack will be dead soon.  Rick overhears part of their conversation.

At the school, the Senator is answering questions about his thoughts on education.  Carl calls David.  David wants to speak to Carl in person.  David warns that he has no problem exposing Carlís secrets.  Carl agrees to meet.

Nina calls Jack.  Nina thinks that the man isnít the real Ted Cofell.  Jack thanks her for the feedback.  Jack restarts the limo.

Kim is looking out the window of the shed.  Teri starts to cry.  Teri says that she is experiencing pain in her stomach.  Kim is worried.

Jack and Ted are heading to meet Carroll.  Ted grabs a weapon, which is hidden behind the seat.  Jack doesnít notice.

Sherry and David speak in private.  Sherry admits that she spoke to Carl earlier about Maureen Kingsley.  David is mad that Sherry hasnít been forthcoming.  Mike tells David that no one knows where Jack Bauer is.

Jack pulls into a parking garage.  Jack gets into the back of the limo.  Ted takes Jack by surprise with the knife.  Jack manages to get free.  Suddenly, Cofell is talking with a foreign accent.  Ted warns that Jack will pay.  Cofell begins to grab at his chest.  Jack gives Ted his heart medication.  Ted begins to have heart failure.  Jack is unable to revive Cofell.

Nina speaks to Jack.  Jack thinks that the men who took Teri and Kim are making this a personal vendetta against him.  Jack asks Nina to check out a field assignment file from two years ago when he was in Belgrade.

Tony mentions to Nina that they need to tell Alberta the truth.  Nina says no.  Nina thinks that Alberta will try to stop what they are doing.

Teri tells Kim not to fall asleep.  Kim stresses the point that she is beyond tired.  Rick returns to the shed and gives Teri a gun.  Rick apologizes for what he has done.  Kim starts to freak out.  Teri maintains that they canít give up hope.

Carroll pulls up in the parking garage.  Carroll is the man posing as Alan York.  Carroll sits next to Cofell.  Jack locks all the doors of the limo.  Kevin shoots at Jack, but the divider is bullet-proof.  Jack speeds away through the garage.  Kevin is knocked unconscious.  Once Carroll is awake, Jack inquires about Teri and Kimís location.  Kevin implies that it could be too late.  Kevin proposes that Jack release him for the womenís location.  Jack lets Kevin know that he is the one running things.

Drazen wants Gaines to kill Teri and Kim.  Ira orders Eli to kill the women.

Senator Palmer answers the mediaís questions.  David notices that Carl is waiting for him.  David talks to Carl.  David is worried that Carl is going to get rid of Keithís therapist.  Carl reminds David that he has no say in what happens.  David is outraged.  David decides to call Keithís therapist.

Eli walks into the shed.  Teri produces the gun.  Eli manages to get the gun away from Teri.  Eli puts his hand on Teriís throat.  Eli grabs Kim.  Teri shoots Eli, killing him instantly.  Teri shoots at Eli again.  Teri explains to Kim that Gaines would expect to hear two gunshots coming from the shed.

Kevin directs Jack on where to turn.  Jack wants to know where the women are.  Kevinís only comment is that Jack will be seeing his family soon.

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