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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Aired 2/5/02

creepy guy

By Carrie

Morning traffic is moving through Los Angeles.

Reports are saying that Senator Palmer was unhurt by the assassination attempt.

Medical personnel attend to Jamey, who is still unconscious.  Jamey is wheeled out on a stretcher while Tony and Nina watch.  Nina announces to the CTU staff that Jamey attempted suicide.  Nina tells them that Palmerís life is still in jeopardy.  Nina tells Tony to call Jameyís mom to pick up Kyle.

In the car, Jack calls Nina.  Nina says that she spoke to Teri, but got disconnected.  Jack refuses to turn himself in.  Nina talks about Jameyís suicide attempt.  Jack notices that a roadblock has been set up, which irritates him.

Kim looks out a window in the shed.  Teri tries calling CTU.  Nina tells Jack that the police are looking for him.  Teri calls Nina.  Teri says that Kim is with her.  Nina wants to run a trace on the phone that Teri swiped off Eli.  Eli returns to the shed, but Teri is able to hide the phone.  Jack can hear Eli talking on the other end.  Eli looks around for the phone, but canít find it.  Kim alerts Rick to where the phone is.  Rick tells Eli that he doesnít know what happened to the phone.  Milo is running a trace on Eliís phone.

Reports are saying that Palmerís itinerary hasnít changed.  Sherry thinks that David needs to let go of the story regarding Keith.  Mike backs David.  Sherry wonít back down.  David and Sherry get out of the limo.  Everyone is cheering.

Jack loads his gun.  Nina tells him that they havenít pinpointed an exact location.  Jack wants Nina to direct him through the roadblock.  Tony asks Nina to check something out.  Tony finds an e-mail on Jameyís hard drive.

Tony calls Milo.  Tony wants the e-mail decoded immediately.  Tony gets a call that Jamey has died.  Tony informs Nina of the news.

Teri is able to call again.  Teri talks to Jack via Ninaís CTU extension.  Milo is still running the trace.  Police spot Jack.  Jack pulls over.  The police get out of the cruiser.  Jack speeds away suddenly.  Nina and Teri are listening to the car chase.  Jack pulls into a parking lot.  Jack gets out of the car with the briefcase.  Jack hides under a car.  Teri inquires about the car chase.  Jack whispers into the phone.  Jack talks to Teri for a while.  Jack says that heíll find them.  Jack insists that Teri not hang up the phone.  Jack asks to speak to Kim.  Jack apologizes for not being there.  Jack maintains that they canít give up.  Nina is listening in on this conversation.

Jack starts walking through the lot.  Teri tells Jack that she needs to go.  Eli and Rick return to the shed.  Jack is listening.  Eli grabs at Kim.  All of a sudden, the phone starts beeping, which alerts Eli.  Eli grabs the phone, which is resting on a rafter.  Eli speaks to Jack.  Eli drops the phone.  Teri picks it up and tells Jack to save them.  Eli leaves the shed with the phone.  Nina sadly informs Jack that they were unable to get the trace.

Jack hot-wires a car.  Jack drives out of the lot undetected.  Jack calls Nina.  Nina says that they canít figure out Teri and Kimís exact location.  Nina tells Jack that Jamey died.  Jack is stunned.  Tony speaks to Jack about a name mentioned in Jameyís e-mail.  Tony thinks that Ted Cofell, a CEO of an investment banking firm, might know something.  Nina gives Jack the address for Cofellís workplace.

Gaines sends Jamey an e-mail.  Ira gets a call from Drazen.  Drazen wants to know why Palmer isnít dead.  Drazen says that Ira needs to use Jack to their advantage.  Drazen points out that Jackís family can be used as leverage.  Gaines insists that the plans have not changed.  Drazen says that Ira needs to take care of the matter or he wonít get paid.

Sherry calls Carl.  Sherry pushes for Keithís story to be stopped.  Carl admits that he has already taken care of the situation.  Sherry is puzzled.

Milo finds out that Cofell authorized a one-million dollar wire transfer.  Nina goes over Cofellís bio with Jack.  Jack calls Cofellís business and speaks to the receptionist.

Tony tells Nina that someone new will be taking over CTU.  Nina is unhappy to hear that Alberta Green will be in charge.  Nina tells Jack about the change in command.

Kim wants to know why her father moved back in.  Teri praises Jack for being a great man.  Teri admits that the separation didnít work.

Tony finds out that Cofell has a flight booked for Denver.  Alberta Green arrives at CTU.  Nina shakes Albertaís hand.  Everyone listens as Nina introduces them to their new Director.  Alberta says that Jack was involved in Palmerís assassination attempt.  Alberta tells the CTU crew that no one can leave until all their goals are met.

Palmer speaks to a group of children in a school library.  David gets a phone call.  David tells the kids that heíll be right back.

A man calls David and informs him that Carl met with Keithís therapist.  David wants to speak to Carl regarding the matter.

Nina goes to see Alberta.  Nina says that she doesnít know where Jack is.  Nina discloses that she regrets her relationship with Jack.

Jack shows up at Cofellís workplace.  Jack uses the elevator.   Cofell talks to his receptionist before leaving for the day.  Jack runs down the stairwell so he can see Cofell get off the elevator.  Jack pulls the fire alarm.  Once inside the parking garage, Jack tells Cofellís driver that he is a Federal agent.  Cofell slips into the limo.  Unbeknownst to Cofell, Jack is posing as the driver.

Teri seems preoccupied.  Kim is worried about her mother.

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