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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Aired 11/6/01

Kim Bauer

By Carrie

Victor Rovner is walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Rovner enters a rundown building and opens a briefcase, which contains a laptop. Rovner makes a call and begins to download encrypted files to his computer.

While attending a Los Angeles party, CTU Special Agent in Charge Richard Walsh receives a call that there is going to be an attempt on Senator David Palmerís life.

Senator Palmer and his wife, Sherry, are working on his speech at Campaign Headquarters.

Agent Jack Bauer is at home, playing chess with his teenage daughter, Kim. Kim asks Jack why Teri, her mom, is giving him the cold shoulder. Kim admits that she is happy that her father has moved back in. Kim says good night to her mom.

Jack and Teri have a serious conversation about their teenage daughter. Teri wants to go talk to Kim. Music is blaring from Kimís bedroom. Teri and Jack realize that Kim has snuck out through her bedroom window. Jack is furious. Nina Myers, who is at CTU Headquarters, calls Jack. Nina asks for Jackís help.

Walsh wants to debrief the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), so all agents are asked to meet at CTU Headquarters. Before leaving, Jack tells his wife that Kim is grounded. Inside his vehicle, Jack makes a call to Vincent, Kimís ex-boyfriend. Vincent doesnít know where Kim is.

Kim and her friend, Janet York, are driving to meet some college guys.

Jack calls Nina from his vehicle. Jack inquires about Walsh.

Once off the phone, Nina tells Agent Tony Almeida that everyone is meeting at Headquarters.

Jack calls Teri and inquires about Kimís whereabouts. Jack tells his wife that he just pulled up at CTU.

Once inside CTU, Nina tells Jack that everyone is waiting to be debriefed about a critical situation. Jack thinks that it has something to do with Senator Palmer.

Kim and Janet pull up outside of a furniture store in the Valley. Rick, one of the college guys, is sitting in his van. Janet goes in the store and Kim waits with Rick outside. Rick tells Kim that he has beer and they enter the store together.

On TV, news reporters are discussing Senator Palmerís impending Presidential nomination.

Jack calls a friend at the LAPD and asks him to keep an eye out for Kim. Walsh arrives at CTU and tells the team that an attempt on Senator Palmerís life is imminent. In private, Walsh asks Jack how things are going at home. Walsh reveals that CTU has been compromised and it appears that someone from the unit is behind the attempt. Walsh wants Jack to look into it. Jack is reluctant at first but finally agrees to check it out.

District Director George Mason is on his way to CTU to debrief the team about Senator Palmer.

Martin Belkin, a foreign photographer, is on a plane headed to Los Angeles. Martin asks the stewardess how long before they land.

At Campaign Headquarters, Patty Brooks, Palmerís assistant, receives a call from Martin. Martin asks if Senator Palmer will be at the photo shoot. Mandy, the woman sitting next to Martin, is eavesdropping and inquires about Palmer. Mandy seems fascinated that Martin knows the Senator.

Nina asks Jack about Mason. Nina doesnít want Jack to ignore her. Teri calls Jack and relays that she hasnít heard back from Kim. Teri admits that she found marijuana in Kimís desk. Jack wants Teri to check Kimís computer, but insists that he canít talk right now.

Rick and Kim walk around the Valley. They talk for a while. Kim tells Rick that her father is dead. Rick puts his arms around Kim.

Jack changes clothes before he speaks to Mason. Mason tells Jack that the man that they are looking for is European, possibly German. Mason says that Senator Palmer isnít a fan of CTU. Mason stresses the point that if Palmer is elected, CTU will be shut down. Jack asks for clearance to check out the source. Mason says heíll make the call to his superiors. Not believing Mason, Jack listens in on his call. Jack realizes that Mason isnít calling his boss at all.

Infuriated, Jack grabs a tranquilizer gun and hides it in a binder. Jack takes Mason by surprise when he shoots him. Mason passes out. Jack thinks Mason is dirty. Jack tells Nina to check out the disk that Mason had on him.

At home, Teri drops a coffee cup, which breaks into pieces on the floor. Alan York, Janetís father, calls. Alan inquires about Janet and tells Teri that he doesnít know where his daughter is.

Nina asks Tony to check out a Barcelona account. Tony implies that Nina is still sleeping with Jack. Nina insists that they donít have time to talk about their personal lives.

Jack asks Jamey Farrell, a CTU analyst, for some help. Jack explains that he wants to find out a computer password from a home phone number. Jamey asks if Jack has a warrant. Jack says no, but Jamey decides to help him anyway. Jamey finds the password. Jack calls Teri and gives her the password for Kimís computer.

Kim kisses Rick. Janet and Dan begin to make out.

Mandy asks to see Martinís photographs. Martin points out one in a magazine.

Sherry asks David if he is taking a break from writing his speech. Maureen Kingsley, a news reporter, calls David. David doesnít want to speak to her. Sherry asks what Maureen said, but David goes out on the balcony alone.

Jack calls Walsh and leaves him a message. Nina wants to know what is going on. Jack says that he canít tell her.

Teri calls Alan. Teri reads him one of Kimís e-mails. Teri says that she is going to check out the furniture store. Alan offers to come with.

Kim, Janet, Rick, and Dan leave the furniture store. Someone suggests that there is a party at a friendís house. Kim says that she has to go home. Rick offers to drive her back.

In the airplane, Martin has sex with Mandy. Martin ignores her afterwards.

Tony tells Jack that he hacked into the Barcelona account. Jack wakes up Mason. Jack wants to know the source. Jack brings up Phillipe Darcet. Jack thinks that George skimmed money from the bust on Darcet. Jack says that he has evidence that Mason has $200,000 in an offshore account. George thinks that Jack is in over his head.

Mandy stabs the stewardess with a hypodermic needle. Mandy acts tipsy around the other passengers. Alone, Mandy looks at Martinís ID pass, which she swiped off of him earlier. Martin is looking for his ID, but canít find it. Mandy attaches a bombing device to a trashcan. Mandy puts on clothes to jump out of the plane. There is an explosion. Everyone screams.

Jack gets a call from Teri. Teri says that she is in the car with Janetís dad. Teri loses her phone signal. Jack tells Nina that he has to run an errand. Tony informs Jack about the plane that went down over the Mojave Desert.

In the van, Kim tells Dan, who is driving, to make a turn. Dan ignores her. Rick tells Kim to relax. Unbeknownst to Kim, they almost run right into Teriís vehicle. Kim is scared.

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