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There are a lot of great things in this season's "24". The most interesting part to me was the relationships between the president and his people, and the way the character of Tom Lennox changed over the season. I found the stuff at the white house more interesting than most of the other so-called "action" on the show. Peter MacNicol (Lennox) is always excellent to watch in anything. He made the show for me. Then when the vice president, played by the fabulous Powers Boothe, took over while Palmer was shot, it was also very fun to watch. Boothe seemed to be a combination of Bob Dole and Dick Cheney. He oozed evil. Not many actors could do that type of performance and seem so convincing. All of the players in the white house portion of the show were great.

The CTU portion of the show, especially with the romantic triangles, was a bit weak. I find it hard to believe that these people would be in charge of a playground, let alone a high pressure government security office. I just don't think the way they acted would be so realistic, especially given the fact that this just all happened in one day and not over the course of weeks or months. That is probably 24's greatest weakness. It's not very believable that so much happens in 24 hours, without sleep, food, etc. and people don't even look that different except for the occasional bruises, welts and other injuries. Not to mention that two of their computer geeks were physically injured by terrorists in two separate incidents in the same day. I doubt that would happen.

Some of the parts involving Jack I found laughable, and that's not good since he's supposed to be the hero of the show. Keifer Sutherland is always fantastic, but the writing doesn't always support him. These incidents are a few I can remember:
Jack using a retarded guy to get Gredenko.
Using a crazy woman to get to the Russian primetime minister.
Jack yelling at poor Chloe for not telling him about Audrey's death.
Ricky Shroeder as a tough guy.
There were a lot of minor things as well, but those made me laugh.

I've read a lot of reviews about this season and how it was weak and had too much soap opera stuff. I don't think that is true so much as the way it was handled was not as wonderful as in previous seasons. I'm sure it is hard to keep that level up every year. I think the critics were too harsh. It was still a very good season and the show is still awesome. I was on my seat throughout most of the year. I missed ten minutes of one episode, and it was like I had missed an entire episodes. They pack a lot into their show, and that's what makes us keep watching. Let's jus thope next year is even better!

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