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ER - The Video Game

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 ER - The Video Game

  Review by Boo 7/16/05

I am a huge 'Sim' fan. I love all games that let me be someone else and live a different life in each one. ER is a 'sim' game. You are a doctor in the very popular ER of the TV show. Some of the other doctors are there to help you. Your goal is to continue to improve your skills, while developing personal relationships, and even love.

I see by the website that this game is selling for $29.95.I would not pay that for it. I would, maybe, pay $9.95 for it. The instructions to play the game come on the CD in PDF format. I didn't even find the instructions until I was well into the game. Parts of the game are very easy, parts are very hard to figure out. I understand that games are supposed to be challenging, but this goes beyond challenging. This hits right on the 'red' frustration button. There are not near enough clues to help you figure out the challenges you are supposed to accomplish.

The game also has quite a few bugs. One of which is a bug in saving the game at certain points. I got to the 5th level, and all of a sudden there were no saved games to start over, and it wouldn't let me save where I was. So, I had to start the game all over. Overall, I would say that the frustrations of the game way out weigh the enjoyment of it. At least at the $30.00 price tag anyway.

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Updated 7/6/05  


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