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Shark Tales book coverShark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business by Barbara Corcoran and Bruce Littlefield

 Review by Suzanne

I guess this is supposed to be a type of self-help book, but it's more just a really inspirational story. I don't know if anyone else can really do what she did. She got into the real estate business in New York City at a time when everything was very cheap, and the economy was good. Also, her particular personality and the way she grew up are really the skills she needed to sell real estate and be a go-getter.

The book is mostly about how she built her business, but it's also about how, every time she has an obstacle in her life, she remembers something her mother told her or taught her.  It's a very interesting story, and easy to read. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I really did.

Maybe it will inspire you to go out and make something of yourself. I'm sure that's the point of it. Anyone who comes from a poor background, like she did, can go out and get rich. But, it sure helps if you are outgoing and have a great family to give you ideas and the skills to meet whatever life throws at you as well as to give you confidence in yourself.

Here is the press release info sent to me in April:

For the second week in a row, ABC 's hit reality show for aspiring entrepreneurs, "Shark Tank" and Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and bestselling author of SHARK TALES: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business, sunk the competition this past Friday winning its timeslot, earning the network its second largest audience and highest 18-49 rating in more than a year.

In SHARK TALES, Corcoran dispenses the no-nonsense advice that has made her successful in business and in life, which has become her signature style as the only female shark tough enough to swim with fellow sharks including Mark Cuban, Jeff Foxworthy and Daymond John in this inspiring Mark Burnett production.

In her book, Corcoran documents going from multi-millionaire real estate mogul to partnering with small, aspiring entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. From her run-ins with the king of New York real estate and potential 2012 Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to her mom's always thoughtful advice ("If you don't have big breasts put ribbons on your pigtails!") Corcoran talks about it all in SHARK TALES.

More info on her site at

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Updated 5/26/11 


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