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The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir book cover

The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir by Gaby Rodriguez and Jenna Glatzer

Review by Suzanne Lanoue 3/31/12

I enjoyed reading the book. It was better than the movie, in many ways. The movie changed many things to make the story more generic or palatable, such as making some characters white (most of the characters in the book, who are real-life people, are Latino). It stayed away from any abortion controversy as well.

The book is the real-life tale of teen Gaby Rodriguez, who pretended to be pregnant for her senior project in school. She wanted to discuss stereotypes and how teens live down to people's negative expectations of them (particularly teenaged pregnant girls).

It was all very interesting, both in the movie and the book.

Gaby is very young, so the way people treat her shocks her. She doesn't seem to realize that when you're young, particularly in high school, teens will judge and pick on any student who is "different", so of course they are going to do that with a pregnant girl. Eventually, people grow up and get more mature about things. They may not stop judging you, but at least they are not quite so obvious about it. She kind of contradicts herself because on the one hand she is very much judging people, but she expects them not to judge her. She sounds a little smug in parts of the book when she talks about how smart she is and how she gets such good grades and would never let herself get pregnant.

The other thing that bothered me is her complete anti-abortion stance, which is only briefly addresesed. She is entitled to that opinion, of course, but if you spend a whole book whining about how so many girls in your family and in town get pregnant, and how it ruins their lives, then perhaps you should consider abortion as an alternative. It saddens me to see someone so young having this attitude. She also really didn't address the "give your baby up for adoption" issue at all, either. One has to wonder how poor birth control education is after reading this.

The book moves along very quickly. Rodgriguez uses a ghost writer to help her out a bit. She sounds like a smart teen who will go far in life, once she grows up and realizes that not everything is black and white.

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page updated 3/31/12

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