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Keep it Real book coverKeep It Real by Bill Bryan Review by Suzanne

This may be the funniest fiction book I've ever read. Most books, unless they're joke books, or non-fiction written by comedians, are not that funny. This one is. It's also got an intriguing story. I couldn't put it down and finished it in two days, which is really rare for me. It just reads so easily, and you want to keep reading it to see what happens. Because it's so funny, you really don't even want it to end, but sadly, it does...

The main type of humor is sarcasm, which I love. If you don't like this type of humor, or you don't like four-letter words or sexual jokes, you won't like this. It starts out really shockingly bawdy, but it is just so funny that it doesn't matter. All of the characters are silly and fun, even the murderers. I would say on one hand that it has some pretty awful stereotypes of African-Americans, but really, it has those about EVERYONE, so it's all fair game.

The book is about a producer of a reality show (that sounds an awful lot like "The Apprentice"). The producer really doesn't want to be working at this job because he used to be an investigative journalist. He had a bad split with his wife and did some destructive things to her and her new husband, so he lost all of his journalistic credibility, so that's why he had to take the job at the reality show. This book really skewers Hollywood and the people who work in it, among many other things. It's just hilarious, and I'm sorry, but there are only so many ways I can say that. You may recognize other real-life shows and people that are fictionalized here as well. As a TV fan, I loved it, even though I hate reality shows.

I am definitely going to have to check out more works by this author in the know how when you read a book, and just the way the author writes, his or her turn of phrase, is enough for you to enjoy the book (never mind the plot, characters etc.)? This is how it was with this book. Every sentence is just damn funny.

The book is filled with current pop culture references, though, so hurry and buy it now before you forget about all of these people and things, or it will be dated. It's not a book with a big shelf life, unfortunately -  just for that reason. Besides the language and sex, anyone who does not follow entertainment news would probably have a hard time getting a lot of those references (such as anyone over 60). That's the worst thing I can say about it, though.

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Updated 9/15/09 


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