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Heat Wave by Richard Castle book coverHeat Wave: Nikki Heat
by Richard Castle

By Laurie Flesch

Heat Wave by Richard Castle is a mystery that surrounds the murder of  “New York real estate tycoon,” Matthew Starr.  NYPD Detective Nikki Heat and her team work around the clock to solve the murder.  The story is a great combination of twists, turns, and sexual tension.  Detective Heat is an extremely driven, hard working woman.  As such, she leaves no stone unturned.  Heat is still tormented by the unsolved murder of her mother.  That issue seems to drive her to solve every case, no mater what the cost.  As strong and tough as Heat is, there’s an element of vulnerability to her.  She’s sarcastic, stubborn, and ambitious, but there’s much more to her than meets the eye. 

What makes this book fun is the addition of journalist, Jameson Rook.  Since Rook is working on a story about the NYPD, he observes Detective Heat and her team as they work to solve the murder of Matthew Starr.  Rook literally follows the team around while they work.  In the process, Rook is funny, flirty, and appealing.  The reader can’t help but fall for Rook – he’s just got that “certain something.”  Rook is obviously attracted to Detective Heat but she treats him as an annoyance.  Finally, Heat gives in to her feelings for Rook and the sparks fly.

One thing I found very appealing about Heat Wave is it reads like an episode of Castle.  Nikki Heat is based on the character of Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).  Jameson Rook is based on the character of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion).  Every time Nikki spoke, I heard Kate Beckett’s voice.  Every time Jameson Rook spoke, I heard Richard Castle’s voice.  For me, that made the book flow very smoothly.  It helped make this a fun, quick, and interesting story.

We all know Richard Castle is a fictitious character – a mystery writer who appears on ABC’s Castle every Monday night.  If you’re a fan of Castle, this book is a must read.  Even if you aren’t – if you appreciate a good murder mystery – give this book a try.  Hopefully, this is the first of many books to come because the Nikki Heat series is a promising one.

Castle, starring Nathan Fillion, airs Monday nights on ABC.  For more information visit http://abc.go.com/shows/castle .  Click on the cover or title above to purchase a copy of Heat Wave.

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Updated 11/18/09 


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