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Forgiving Troy: A True Story of Murder, Mental Illness and Recovery book cover

Forgiving Troy: A True Story of Murder, Mental Illness and Recovery by Thom Bierdz

This is not a new book, but I just read it, so I wanted to review it. Thom Bierdz starred in "The Young and the Restless" in the 80's as Phillip Chancellor III. He was not the best actor, but he was gorgeous, and he brought a sincerity and innocence to the screen that worked for that character. Phillip was in a quadrangle with Danny, Cricket and Nina. He loved Cricket but ended up in bed with Nina, and she got pregnant, so he married her. Unhappy, he started drinking, and he ended up crashing his sports car and was killed.  Years later, they decided that Phillip had faked his death, because he couldn't face telling everyone that he was gay. This made no sense to those of us who had watched his character back in the 80's, but Thom himself is gay, and it was good to have him back on the show for a while.  Plus he did learn to act a lot better by then.

This book, however, is not at all about his time on Y&R. It's about his life and the tragedy in his family.  In fact, it skips right over the 80's, which is a shame for those of us who might have wanted to hear about his time on Y&R. It starts with his growing up and the problems in his family, and how he struggled to hide being gay.

Then some really horrible things happen, and the rest of the book is about how Thom deals with the events and his family. I don't want to spoil it for you, because it's a really good story and interesting reading. Thom does a great job of sharing his life with us.

There are many photos in the book of Thom, his family, and his artwork. I enjoy seeing photos in a book, particularly a biography. The only photos I felt that were missing were of his sister (I guess she didn't want it); plus I would have liked to have seen photos of Thom from the late 70's when he was working in the gay disco!

You should definitely read the book, whether you are a Y&R fan or not. It is a good story, with some twists and turns. Almost like a soap opera!  No one should live a soap opera type of life, though, because soap operas have a lot of tragedy and pain.

Thom is now on Facebook and chats daily with his fans. He lives in a cabin in the mountains with his dog. He has a handsome boyfriend and spends most of his time painting. He seems at peace with his life and is a very generous and interesting person.

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Page updated 4/21/13

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