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The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook: From Lady Mary's Crab Canapes to Mrs. Patmore's Christmas Pudding - More Than 150 Recipes from Upstairs and Downstairs [Hardcover] by Emily Ansara Baines

and The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook: From Direwolf Ale to Auroch Stew - More Than 150 Recipes from Westeros and Beyond [Hardcover] by Alan Kistler

Review by Suzanne Lanoue 9/5/12

These are two very interesting cookbooks. Both have TV themes and both have very British dishes. Both are mostly text cook books with few photos. That's a shame because it would have been nice to have photos of either the food or the characters in the cookbooks. Both have very sturdy covers, nicely bound and well done.

The recipes in the Unofficial Downtown Abbey Cookbook are very standard recipes from cookbooks of that era (the 1900's), but it's clear that the person who wrote the book is a big fan of the show and has done a lot of great research on the cooking of that time. The type of cooking back then was very French and heavy eating. Not what we might eat every day nowadays. It's great for parties and special occasions. Any British fan should love the recipes.

The second book is a little more complex because the fantasy world doesn't exist. The author had to base his recipes on the books or TV series. He obviously did a great deal of work on these recipes. They all have very interesting and colorful names. Nonetheless, the recipes do look practical, and I believe we can make most of them fairly easily. I haven't tried them yet, but I look forward to it.

Whether you are a cook or not, if you are fan of these shows, you should enjoy reading through the cookbooks. There is a lot description for each item that tells how it would fit into each show. It's a fascinating read.

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Page updated 9/5/12

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