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Young Justice: Season One V.1 DVD cover

 Young Justice: Season One V.1

  Review by Suzanne 8/3/11

I grew up reading comics, particularly the DC comics like Superman, Batman, Superboy, Teen Titans, The Legion of Superheroes, and the Justice League. "Young Justice" takes the sidekicks of the Justice League and gives them their own adventures. Now, you might be saying, "Wait, I thought that's what Teen Titans was all about?" Well, yes, it is, and this is similar to that comic book and show. I don't really why they decided to reinvent the Teen Titans and then call them by a different name, but I'm guessing that there is already a Young Justice comic book out there, and they are just cashing in on this.

So it has Robin, and Kid Flash, and Aqualad. The others are a Superboy (clone of Superman), and Miss Martian. The cover also refers to another girl named Artemis, but I don't recall seeing her at all in the DVD's. Perhaps she shows up later in the show.

There are only four episode son the DVD set. I hate when they split up seasons like this. I wish they would stop doing that, but no one listens to me.

The disk has no extras or features, so it is a very spare set. I guess they rushed it out to promote the rest of the season. Hopefully they will eventually come out with a more complete set.

The show is well done, just like the Justice League and other animated shows they've done in the past 15 years. There is a lot of action, so kids should love it. It's got the usual big villains and big heroes as well as lots of wise-cracking, along with some teen awkwardness.

I enjoyed it, even though I'm 49. I look forward to the rest of the episodes. Anyone who likes comics or cartoons should enjoy it.

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Updated 8/3/11  


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