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Review by Suzanne 12/28/06

The Year Without a Santa Claus

A Year Without Santa Claus DVD cover

This is an enjoyable holiday tv movie. It is fun and caused me to often chuckle and laugh. It has just the right amount of sentimentality mixed with silliness.

"Year Without a Santa Claus" was originally a '70's cartoon by Rankin and Bass (the same people that brought us Rudolph and other holiday shows). So this is a live-action remake, expanded. It stars a lot of famous TV and movie actors like John Goodman, Delta Burke, Michael McKean, Eddie Griffin, Harvey Fierstein, and Ethan Suplee, among others. There are many cameos.

The story is about how Santa Claus gets fed up with the commercialization of Christmas, so he wants to cancel Christmas. It's up to his helpers Jingle and Jangle to find a little boy who believes in Santa, so they can get him to convince Santa to go back to work.

Kids of all ages should love it. Adults will probably get a kick out of it, too, especially those like me that love Christmas!! You should buy the DVD and watch it every year. My only regret is that there are not extras whatsoever.

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Updated 12/28/06 


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