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Review by Suzanne 4/15/07

Without a Trace - The Complete Second Season

Without a Trace is always a solid and suspenseful drama with excellent acting. A person disasppears, and this special FBI squad looks for them by interviewing their friends, families, and co-workers to figure out the mystery of where the person has gone. Sometimes the person is kidnapped, sometimes they are hiding out, and sometimes are dead. You don't know until the end which it's going to be. During the show, we find out that something in the person's life has gone terribly wrong, causing the situation to become desperate and out of control. The suspense comes from the clock ticking away the hours as they search for the suspect (after 48 hours, apparently, they feel there is little chance of finding the person).

The FBI officers of the show are often just as interesting than the people they are investigating, thanks to good casting and superb writing. Unlike some police shows, though, the personal lives of the characters do not interfere with the main story. Anthony LaPaglia stars as Jack, the head of the team. He has long been one of my favorite actors, even though he has gotten older and chubbier (haven't we all?). In the first season, I believe that Jack and Sam (the female blonde lead of the show) had an affair while he was separated from his wife. In this second season, Sam and new agent Martin are warming towards each other, while Jack is working on his problems with his wife. Unlike Law & Order or CSI, we do get to see the officers' personal lives. However, the personal stories never threaten to overwhelm the crime-solving, unlike some other shows. It never turns into soap opera. Also, the shows are mostly stand-alone and are not serialized.

The second season is even better than the first. It's definitely worth watching if you are a fan of crime dramas.

I don't know why it's taken so long for them to put out the second season (the 4th season is ending next month), or why there are no extras aside from some deleted scenes. The first season DVD had cast interviews and other great features.

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Updated 4/15/07 


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