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Bill Moyers: Wisdom of Faith DVD cover

Bill Moyers: Wisdom of Faith With Huston Smith


  Review by Suzanne 9/27/11

If you are into religions or studying them, or if you simply want to learn about the different religions, this will probably be interesting to you. It is one of those kind of educational shows that you might watch in high school (except much longer). It is for intellectuals and people who want to think big thoughts about religion. It was really not my kind of thing.

Bill Moyers talks to religious scholar Huston Smith about the different main religions and how they are similar. There is a lot of talking, most of it very slowly. They show pictures and film, of course, as well. This would make a good gift for anyone who likes PBS or is into educational videos or comparative religions.

More Information:

Bill Moyers: The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith (DVD Debut) - Newest release from Bill Moyers' acclaimed library, features enlightening discussions about world religion with bestselling author and professor of comparative religion Huston Smith (The World's Religions). Broadcast in late 1990s, this series of conversations provides thoughtful insights into the world's largest religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam-and how, taken at their best, they provide universal truths that unite and define the human spirit. Smith's book The World's Religions has sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide, and is considered one of the defining treatises on the subject. 

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Updated 9/27/11  


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