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Review by Suzanne 5/1/07

What I Like About You - The Complete First Season

I would like to tell you what I liked about "What I Like About You", but I can't.  I really don't know why this show has had four years on the air. I loved Jenny Garth in "Beverly Hills 90210", but this show is not worthy of her talents. Also, I think we are supposed to believe that she is in her 20's, which is ridiculous. She's 35. Why would she have a sister who is 16? It's not impossible, but it should be explained.

Amanda Bynes (known mostly for her work on the kids' channel Nickelodeon) plays a 16-year-old girl who moves in with her sister in New York City when her dad has to move to Japan on business. It's supposed to be sort of an Odd Couple pairing, I guess, but it is not so well-defined. The basic idea is that the wacky teen gets into trouble and on her older sister's nerves. 

I don't know why I have to keep saying this, but maybe eventually someone in Hollywood will listen. The whole point of a comedy is to be FUNNY. To make us laugh. I laughed maybe once while viewing this set. Some episodes were kind of gross in that Nickelodeon kind of way, so maybe that is the audience that likes this show. The characters are sometimes endearing but most often just stupid or annoying. Even the adults act in a very childish fashion. Perhaps I'm just too old to enjoy something where people act so immature. Or maybe it's just that I can only enjoy FUNNY shows where the adults act in a childish way. I just couldn't sit through too many episodes.

Maybe you are already a fan of this show, for whatever reason. If so, I'm sure you will enjoy having this set of the first season's episodes. The only extra or feature on the DVD set is a gag reel. I'm sure the fans would like more extras, such as interviews with the stars, deleted scenes, etc.

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Updated 5/1/07 


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