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Review by Suzanne 9/26/07

Welcome Back, Kotter - The Complete First Season

Welcome Back Kotter season 1 DVD cover 

Even though I was a teen in the 70's, I rarely watched this show. First of all, the humor is very lowbrow and just not all that funny unless you are really young or kinda stupid. Secondly, I tended to watch shows with cute guys, and for some reason I just did not find the guys in this show that cute. It's probably because I grew up in California, so I liked blond guys, surfer-types, and I wasn't into really ethnic-looking guys, aside from maybe Freddie Prinze. So even though John Travolta was very popular, he wasn't my kind of guy back then.

Later, I did grow to like Travolta more. The guys who play Epstein and Washington are also very good-looking. So that is a plus in the show's favor!

If you like old jokes, this show has a lot of those, mostly from Gabe Kaplan, who starred in the show as the teacher, Gabe Kotter. He was a stand-up comic, so they built this show around him.

I don't know why it took them so long to bring this show to DVD...but it's a good thing for the fans that they finally did.

The special features on the DVD set are great. The retrospective featurette shows how all of the actors look now and has them chatting about the show in great depth. Also, it has the stars' original screen tests, and those are always fun.

If you like this type of silly humor, or you're a Travolta fan, you will love this DVD set!

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Updated 9/26/07 


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