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War of the Worlds: The Complete Series DVD cover


  War of the Worlds: The Complete Series

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 2/1/18

I'm very glad to get this DVD because I loved this show when it was first on. It was one of the first syndicated shows that started running in the 1980's. I really loved the star, Jared Martin, from when he was on "Dallas," and he was even better on this show.

The show was low-budget but enjoyable. Unfortunately, they completely changed the show in the second season, and that ruined it. It became very violent and depressing. They killed off two of the major characters, brought in a new handsome hunk, and brought in a lot of unlikable alien characters. They limited Jared Martin's role substantially. It reminded me of a bad version of "V." I hated it, and I stopped watching. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Still, I'm glad to have it so I can watch it from a new perspective. The new hunk is Adrian Paul, whom I loved later on "Highlander," so it's fun to see him. I can appreciate the second season a lot more this time around. Any scifi fan should enjoy this, even if it is a bit dated now.


Title: War of the Worlds: The Complete Series (DVD)

Release Date: February 6, 2018

Fact Sheet:

Description: Based on the groundbreaking novel by H.G. Wells, this classic TV series thrusts sci-fi addicts and action-adventure fans directly into the fiery crucible of two wars that will determine the fate of our world. Decades after it appeared that the ruthless alien invaders were killed off by common bacteria, increased radiation wipes out the Earth-saving organisms. Brought back from suspended animation, the enemy uses their body-snatching ability to adopt human form. Immediately, the invading force begins formulating plans for final genocidal warfare.

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