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Walker Texas Ranger - The Final Season

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Walker Texas Ranger - The Final Season

Review by Amanda 6/23/05

Hereís a rough summary of the show: Cordell Walker (Martial arts master Chuck Norris) plays a Texas Ranger who takes on an old-fashioned way of dealing with criminals by beating them up several times and getting away with it. Joined at the hip by his partner Jimmy Trivette (played by Clarence Gilyard Jr.), who is his loyal to his fellow ranger. Shree Wilson co-stars as a fantastic district attorney who is married to walker.

This is a series that I am ambivalent about.

I really canít say Iím a ďfanĒ of this series, as if this was the type of show I would sit down to watch every week and be loyal to. I would just watch this series if I were just flipping through the channels to see if something was on, and if Walker was on, I would watch it. It was not my favorite show by any means. Each episode is very predictable, even when it come Walker rescuing a boy in a in a burning building that was set off by a bomb in the basement thatís about to collapse and rescuing the boy, always the heroÖto his team in trouble with the law and clearing their names. There is no taking the Texas Rangers down. If not for the fighting off the bad guys, this season would be quite dull, I think. Walkerís wife, Alex becomes pregnant, and is the only new thing to happen to the team this season. This was a series that I never would have thought would have gone on to 9 seasons. I thought it would have been canned early, since their first season only had 3 episodes.

One thing I donít understand Ė why release a series backwards? Why release The Final Season before seasons 1 & 2? Even if the first season was only 3 episodes, they could have put season 1 and 2 on the same package with some bonus features. This dvd doesnít even offer any bonus features, which you would have thought would have been on there, like some bloopers, interviews or something, but there was nothing, just the episodes of the full season, and that was it. It is a very DULL DVD if you ask me, and not worth the funds they are asking for it, in my opinion. Chuck Norris may be a marital arts master, but SONY is no master in putting a dvd package together to make fans want to buy it. They canít release the series in order, much less add any bonus features.

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Updated 7/6/05  


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