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Review by Suzanne 5/28/07

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - The Complete First Season

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home DVD cover

This is a cartoon sitcom from the early 70's. Unlike most cartoons back then, it ran in primetime.  It was sort of an animated version of All in the Family, but it wasn't nearly as funny or well-written. I was a kid then, so I loved it. It's cute and people who are nostalgic for that time might like it. Kids might like it, too, but they may not understand parts of it.  Even though it ran from 72-74, it had more of a 60's feel to it. It was more peace signs than disco.

Tom Bosley, most well-known for playing the father on "Happy Days", was the voice of the father on this show.  Willie Ames, who later got famous with the show "Family" and then "Charles in Charge", voiced the young boy Jamie. Later he was replaced by Jackie Earle Haley, who recently was nominated for an academy award. They were both still boys then.  The other names were not anyone you probably would have heard of. 

The art will look familiar to anyone who grew up with all of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. In fact, daughter Alice looks just like Velma on Scooby Doo, if she gained 50 lbs. The writers for this show previously worked on "Love American Style" and "The Flintstones", neither of which is exactly stimulating to the brain.  WTYFGH, however, is not the typical kids' show in that it is talky and doesn't have much action. They probably tried to gear it toward adults, but to me the jokes and stories are not very challenging for adults, even for back then.  It does not wear as well as "All in the Family", even though it deals with issues like racism and sex.

The disk set comes with two special features about the animation (one is more about how the world was back then).  It ran two seasons, so this is just the first season, 24 episodes.  Honestly, I don't think this show is anything special, but you might enjoy it, so rent it and find out!

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Updated 5/28/07 


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