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MTV - Viva La Bam - The Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons

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 Viva La Bam - Seasons 2 and 3  (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/11/05

This is the worst show I've ever seen.  To be fair, though, I am not the target audience of this show. At 43, I am way too old to be watching MTV. I never watched one episode of "Jackass", "Punk'd" or "Wild Boyz".  Secondly, I hate reality shows and never watch them.  I have seen some ads for some reality shows that looked interesting, for one reason or another, but this one does not fall into that category.

This show is about a  professional skateboard guy name Bam Margera who revels in being a "pain in the ass", especially to his parents.  He spends all of his time in this show pulling elaborate pranks on them.  I don't know why they would fall for it after, say, the third time, or especially for three seasons!  Then again, they raised him, so it's their fault, anyway.  My guess is they are in on the joke and just want to be on TV, no matter how humiliating it is.

I found it unwatchable and dull.  If you are under 25, you may love it--who knows!?!

You can find more reviews of the show by clicking on the Amazon link above.  Some of the people who wrote those reviews actually liked the show and sat through the whole disk set.

There is a bonus disk that features the usual stuff: deleted scenes (I can't imagine what they would leave out!), something they call "random ass moments", a "making of" video, pictures, and music videos.  Everything that the Viva La Bam fan should love.

I was a teenager once, and I do admire that MTV honors teenage rebellion.  This show, however, doesn't seem to have the same intelligence or humor that "Beavis and Butt-head", "South Park", or even "Pimp My Ride" possess.

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Updated 8/11/05  


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