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Review by Suzanne 4/20/07

The Venture Bros. - Season Two

Venture Bros. DVD cover

If you liked Jonny Quest or other superhero cartoons, and you have a good sense of humor, you will like this series. It's pretty funnny...definitely worth watching.

It's about Dr. Venture, who was a Jonny Quest-like character when he was a child and is now old and bitter. His two sons, Hank and Dean, are like two boys from old cartoons. They are joined by their bodyguard, Brock, who is this huge hulking guy. They fight against villains, among other things. It is just very cute and funny. It's not something that's easy to explain, but everyone is just a little "off" in this parody, a little hapless and bumbling, not quite the kind of heroes or villains they are supposed to be.

The people behind the show also did "The Tick", and Patrick warburton (who voiced the Tick), is the voice of Brock. It has similar humor to that show.

I enjoyed the show a lot...this is the second season, so I might have to rent or buy the first season, too.

The set is snazzy-looking on the outside, definitely. It will look good in your collection! There are not too many extras. The episodes have commentaries by the cast and the creator of the show, Christopher McCulloch (who also voices many of the characters). They have deleted scenes and a tour of Astrobase Go! Moonbase. This second feature is a very cute short. They did a good job on that. But more, please!

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Updated 4/20/07 


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