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Upstairs Downstairs DVD cover

 Upstairs, Downstairs: Series One (1971)
40th Anniversary Edition


  Review by Suzanne 3/3/11

I really enjoyed this movie, just like I have all of the superhero animated movies that Warner Brothers has put out in the past few years. I love Superman, anyway, in just about any form, so I can't say I'm really that picky...

This was a very good story, although the ending was a bit of a downer. It does have a sort-of positive note and leaves things open for a sequel. That is kind of unusual for these type of movies, though. Usually they are self-contained stories.

This has all the usual Superman characters, like Superman, Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Perry White, and Lex Luthor, plus some other bad guys, including Lex's niece. It also has heroes Samson and Atlas.

This movie is rated PG because of some disturbing violence and blood, so it's not something that younger viewers should see. They crammed a whole lot of story into the movie. I think it would have been better if they had made this a couple of movies because it really rushes through a lot of story very quickly, and some parts don't make much sense to me. Maybe if you read the comics, it would make much more sense.

I don't want to give the plot away, but at one point I wonder why Superman doesn't save himself from the thing that's hurting him by using this one villain in the story, Parasite? Seems that would have solved the problem...but I don't know. Anyway, you watch it and see if you agree. I do look forward to any sequel they have that will fix this weird ending.

There are some really great voices in the film. Ed Asner as Perry White is fantastic casting!!! Love hearing one of my favorite actresses, Finola Hughes, even if it's in a small role. There are a lot of great actors cast in this, which you can see from the list.

My only other complaint is that there are no extras except for a few trailers for other movies. Usually they have a few other cartoons or "making of" specials. I would have liked to have heard an explanation for this movie and the thought behind it, and what comes next.

Also available in Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy

Press Release:

Iconic British series seen on PBS and A&E;  Featuring 6+ hours of never-before-seen bonus material; New BBC revival begins April 10th on PBS Masterpiece


On DVD March 29, 2011

“Great fun and marvelous television”New York Times

“Charmingly seductive” New York Times

“One of the brightest gems ever to come over the ocean from the British”Washington Post

Silver Spring, MD — The first installment of the most popular and successful British drama series in television history, Upstairs, Downstairs: Series One arrives on DVD from Acorn Media on March 29, 2011, featuring more than six hours of never-before-seen extras. Winner of seven Emmy® Awards, two BAFTAs, a Golden Globe, and a Peabody, Upstairs, Downstairs tells the epic saga of life in Edwardian England. The series inspired the recent hit Downton Abbey and the highly-anticipated BBC revival starring Jean Marsh in her original role begins on PBS’ Masterpiece on April 10th. The beloved ITV drama series captivated viewers for five heart-tugging, humorous and satisfying seasons from 1971 to 1975 and has been seen by a billion people in 40 countries worldwide. Released concurrently alongside the 21-disc Upstairs, Downstairs Complete Series: 40th Anniversary  Edition (SRP: $199.99), Series One features the first 13 episodes, episode commentaries, an alternate pilot episode, and The Making of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part 1 ($49.99;

Upstairs: the wealthy, aristocratic Bellamys. Downstairs: their loyal and lively servants. For nearly 30 years, they share a fashionable townhouse at 165 Eaton Place in London’s posh Belgravia neighborhood, surviving social change, political upheaval, scandals, and the horrors of the First World War.

Set between 1903 and 1909, Series One introduces Sir Richard Bellamy and his elegant wife, Marjorie, who reside upstairs with their dissolute son, James, and headstrong daughter, Elizabeth. Living and working downstairs are Hudson, the proper butler; Mrs. Bridges, the garrulous cook; the calm and watchful maid Rose; and many more. In this Emmy® winner for outstanding drama series, love blooms, tragedy strikes, scandals are avoided, and wedding bells sound.

The ensemble cast of top British actors includes Jean Marsh (Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse), Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine), David Langton (The Spoils of War), Gordon Jackson (The Professionals), Simon Williams (Sword of Honour), Nicola Pagett (A Bit of a Do), Angela Baddeley (Martin Chuzzlewit) and Christopher Beeny (Last of the Summer Wine).

Bonus Features: The Making of Upstairs, Downstairs, Part 1; episode commentaries; and alternate pilot episode

Acorn Media will concurrently release Upstairs, Downstairs, Series 2 as a 4-Disc standalone set ($49.99). Series 3 (4-Disc, $49.99), Series 4 (4-Disc, $49.99), and Series 5 (5-Disc, $49.99) will be released later in 2011.

Street Date: March 29, 2011                                         SRP: $49.99

DVD 4-Disc Set: 13 episodes– Approx. 650 minutes – SDH subtitles

Headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C., Acorn Media U.S. distributes distinctive home video releases to the North American market with a special focus on the best of British television. 2011 releases include BBC’s smash hit series New Tricks; U.S. debuts of great new series Garrow’s Law and Single-Handed; NBC’s star-studded Who Do You Think You Are? from Lisa Kudrow; more episodes from Doc Martin, Murphy’s Law, Poirot, Marple, George Gently, Murdoch Mysteries, Midsomer Murders; as well as the Blu-ray of Brideshead Revisited: 30th Anniversary Edition; and acclaimed documentaries from our Athena line with Discovering Hamlet with Kenneth Branagh and Derek Jacobi, and more from Mike Wallace and Bill Moyers. Acorn’s DVD sets are available from select retailers, catalog companies, and direct from Acorn Media at (888) 870-8047 or

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