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Unleashed (Unrated Edition) (2005)

 Unleashed (unrated edition) (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  1/2/06

I expected this to be your typical martial arts film, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good film.  The acting was top-notch, the fight scenes were great, and it had a good and interesting story. I can't decide if it is a martial-arts film with a good story, or a good story with martial-arts, but either way it worked out well.

Jet Li plays Danny, who has been raised by a mobster (Bob Hoskins) to be a killing machine.  The mobster has treated Danny literally like a dog, locking him up in a cage when he's not using him to attack the people who owe him money and won't pay up.  He keeps a collar on Danny and only takes it off when he wants him to fight.  Danny inadvertently meets a blind piano tuner (Morgan Freeman) and later Danny goes to live with him when he thinks the mobster has been killed.  The first part is just very violent, but after he goes to live with the piano tuner, it is all about how Danny discovers the world and is starting to act like a real human being.

Eventually Danny finds out the mobster is not dead; also, Danny wants to find out what happened to his mother.  A lot of interesting things happen, including more violence, as Danny tries to stay at his new life without endangering the piano tuner and his step-daughter, who are threatened by the mobster.  The story is about finding the strength and courage to keep your freedom and say no to violence.

If I thought all martial arts films were like this, I would watch them.  Somehow, I doubt that they are.  Real martial arts fans may think there is not enough fighting and too much story.  The fighting is great and, from what I gather, more realistic than Jet Li's fighting in other movies because he wanted it to look very real.

If you don't watch violent movies, you may be either disgusted or bored by the violence.  However, it's worth hanging around to watch the rest of the story.  This may be the one movie where the violence is not gratuitous.

If you just like action and a good story, you will also love this movie!

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Updated 1/2/06  


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