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Unforgettable: Season 2


Unforgettable: Season 2

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 6/30/14

I've watched this show from the beginning and always enjoyed it. I wasn't too thrilled when they completely changed things in the second season, but in retrospect, it makes sense that they did it and why they did it. I liked some of the characters and features that they jettisoned, but they had to do what was best for the show.

In the first season, Carrie was introduced as someone who had been through a horrible experience when she was a child, when her sister was kidnapped. She only remembered a few details, but it apparently traumatized her so much that she then remembered everything else after that - every little detail (as I understand it, anyway). She was a bit obsessed with finding out what happened to her sister. In her spare time, she took care of her ailing mother, who has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home, and she gambled a lot (since she wins because of her great memory), and she had, I believe, quit the police force, but had come back to it.

Not only did she return to the police force, but she was returning to work with her former partner and boyfriend, Al. They were in Brooklyn in the first season, and Al was her boss. There was a lot of great chemistry between them. In the second season, they moved to Manhattan to work for a new guy, Elliot, in Major Crimes. They got rid of most of the rest of the cast but wisely retained Jane Curtin, who's fantastic.

They also wrapped up the mystery of Carrie's childhood, and we never see her mother any more, which I think is a shame. However, they did increase the wordplay between Carrie and Al, and they do a lot of flirting. It's almost kind of a Nick and Nora vibe. It reminds me a bit of Castle or even Remington Steele. They have a great chemistry.  The actor who plays Elliot is also very good, and I've grown to enjoy the other characters they added as well.

The general writing, and the stories, have also improved over time. I'm glad that CBS has stuck with this show because they've proven that you can take a show with a small, devoted fan audience and improve it, if you do it right. They're now showing the third season, and it's been great so far.  It's become a very entertaining summer show, and I hope they do return with a fourth season as well.

I'm glad to have the DVD. I plan to also buy the first season and rewatch them all now that I have hindsight to see if I like them even more.  They have several features on the DVD that explain why they made the changes, and I thank them for that. It really helped to have them talk about why they rebooted it. They don't really mention ratings, but I gather that did have a lot to do with it. They decided to make it more exciting, which they did. I really enjoyed watching the extras and hearing the cast and crew discuss the show. There's also a small gag reel, which is always fun, and quite a few deleted scenes.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!



Street Date: 6/24/14

DVD SRP: $59.99 U.S.

Just in time for the third season broadcast premiere this summer, Unforgettable: The Second Season arrives on DVD loaded with nearly an hour of must-see special features. Starring Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh and Jane Curtin, the thrilling crime drama follows Carrie Wells (Montgomery), an enigmatic former police detective with a rare condition in which she cannot forget anything. Including all 13 episodes of the sophomore season, Unforgettable: The Second Season is also packed with bonus materials that go behind the scenes of the action-packed show, along with deleted scenes and a gag reel.

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Page updated 7/22/14

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