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The Two Mrs. Carrolls DVD cover

 The Two Mrs. Carrolls (Remastered Edition) (1947)


  Review by Suzanne 3/10/11

This is one of those great old film noir movies. It stars Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyk, and Alexis Smith. Bogart is the villain here, and he preys on poor women who marry them. He is a crazy artist who kills his wives by poisoning them, to make room for the next Mrs. Carroll. Barbara Stanwyk plays his latest wife, so she is the endangered heroine. Smith plays the latest "other woman". Her words are as sharp as her shoulder pads! He also has a creepy daughter who is wise beyond her years, and a creepy housekeeper.  It's a really good film, well worth watching.

Yes, it's in black and white, of course. They have done a good job of remastering it, so it is crystal clear. It's great entertainment to watch Bogie go crazier and crazier, as he pays off a blackmailer, and his wife starts to catch on to his deeds. The entire cast does a great job. I love Stanwyk, especially when she's playing the heroine. Another thing that's interesting to watch is how Mr. Carroll interacts with his little girl. He clearly loves her and wants to shield her from the terrible things he does.

Anyone who loves good drama or old movies should enjoy this masterpiece! Unfortunately, there are not features or extras. It would have been nice to see how they remastered it or what other things they may have done.



Humphrey Bogart at his best.

larger DVD cover

The Warner Archive Collection proudly announces the long awaited DVD premiere of THE TWO MRS. CARROLLS:

-         Bogart and the legendary Barbara Stanwyck star in their only screen pairing.

-         Preview clip:

The Two Mrs. Carrolls (Synopsis):

 Matrimony means different things to different people. For temperamental artist Geoffrey Carroll, it means he’s in his element. And out of his mind. In their only screen pairing, two of film’s all-time greats star in a psychological thriller rife with pelting rain and pealing bells, blackmail and murder, calculated dread and an unnerving finale. Humphrey Bogart portrays Geoffrey, who’s making a habit of poisoning one wife and marrying another when the former no longer inspires his canvases. Barbara Stanwyck plays his current wife Sally, who puts two and two together and comes up with six – as in six feet under, the place she’ll be if she continues to accept the glass of milk Geoffrey regularly offers as a nightcap. Alexis Smith also stars as a predatory neighbor who becomes the object of Geoffrey’s thirst for feminine variety. Drink up, thriller fans!

Bogarts Battles & Ballerinas

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o        The Wagons Roll at Night (Bogart), Whiplash, Confidential Agent and more.

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Updated 3/15/11  


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