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Two and a Half Men Complete Fourth Season DVD cover

Two and a Half Men - The Complete Fourth Season

by Suzanne 10/13/08

Two and Half Men is a show that gets funnier each year. Usually the opposite is true with sitcoms. I don't watch it regularly on TV. Instead, I wait until it comes out on DVD. It is a very funny show. Charlie, Alan, and Jake's antics never get boring. The show really pushes the envelope in terms of the humor. You wonder sometimes how they can even say some of these jokes on TV. That's what makes it fun.

If you like commentaries, they have them for this show with stars Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. That is common with movies, but they don't always have them for TV shows, so that's a good thing to have. The creators and main writers talk about the show and show clips, in a feature called "Two Men Talking About Two and a Half Men". This is fun to watch. Another extra is a gag reel, showing the actors forget their lines and other ways they mess up. Sure, it's standard stuff, but more than a lot of TV shows have on their disk sets.

This is a great set for any fan of the show to have. I really recommend it for anyone who likes to laugh, especially guys.

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Updated 10/19/08  


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