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Two and a Half Men - The Complete First Season

Two and a Half Men - The Complete First Season

  Review by Laurie 12/29/07

The series revolves around the lives of brothers Charlie and Alan Harper.  Charlie is a single guy who lives in Malibu.  He makes his living writing jingles.  Charlie loves living the bachelor life.  There is a constant flow of women in his house.  Charlie’s life takes a drastic and hilarious turn when his brother moves in.

Alan Harper is sweet and well meaning.  He’s also a bit “uptight” compared to Charlie.  Alan is divorced and he has a 10-year-old son, Jake.  Jake comes to stay with his dad on the weekends.  Alan makes his living as a chiropractor.  He’s constantly going to battle with his ex wife, Judith (Marin Hinkle). 

Charlie Sheen (Charlie) and Jon Cryer (Alan) are sort of a modern day “odd couple.”  Their differences speak volumes in the way they treat women.  Charlie is a “love em and leave em” kind of guy.  Even though he has little respect for women, Charlie is funny and appealing and in no way offensive.  Alan wears his heart on his sleeve and tends to let women take advantage of him.  His intelligence and ambition also make him an appealing, but still sympathetic character.  Angus T. Jones (Jake) literally steals the show.  He’s funny and genuine.  He’s a typical young boy and one that the audience can relate to.  Holland Taylor is also hilarious as Alan and Charlie’s mother, Evelyn.  Charlie also has an unusual neighbor, Rose (Melanie Lynskey), who seems to be obsessed with him.  Rounding out the cast is Charlie’s housekeeper, Berta (Conchata Ferrell), who has a tough exterior but a good heart. 

Two and a half Men first aired in September of 2003.  The show was created by Chuck Lorre (Roseanne, Dharma & Greg) and Lee Aronsohn (The Love Boat, Who's the Boss?, Murphy Brown) This first season set has  24 episodes.  There are also some special features, including “a backstage tour with Angus T. Jones.”  Also included are some hilarious outtakes from the show.  The set is a must have for those who enjoy a good laugh.  I love the show, so I really enjoyed this set. 

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Updated 12/29/07  


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