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Comedy Central's TV Funhouse DVD cover

Comedy Central's TV Funhouse

by Suzanne 8/21/08

This show ran on the cable channel Comedy Central from 2000-20001. It is a spoof of a live kid's show, with a silly host that talks to kids in the same way Mr. Rogers might. He has many animal friends that help him on the show. Most of the time, though, the animals - which include two dogs, a cat, a turtle, and a rooster - are sneaking out of the show to go do something else. Usually it's something naughty, like going to Tijuana to visit a whorehouse. This is not a kid's show. It is strictly for adults. It just makes fun of kid's shows. Sometimes it's wickedly funny, sometimes it's gross, and sometimes it's just worth a giggle.

The show combines live-action humans, puppets, real animals, animation, and claymation. It's very clever that way. They will have a few puppet chickens next to some real ones, or a real dog next to puppet dogs. It's just very funny and worth watching unless you are the type that gets easily offended. Anyone who likes shows like South Park or Howard Stern should love these episodes.

The man who did the show, Robert Smigel, has done many animated shorts on Saturday Night Live. They are not included here. The show grew out of his cartoons on SNL. The DVD has quite a few extras that are just as funny and crude as the show. Unfortunately, there are only 8 episodes. It's a shame that there weren't more. I guess it was just a little ahead of its time. Even the comments on the DVD packaging are hilarious.

Thank you to Comedy Central for bringing these episodes out on DVD, for those of us who missed them the first time around.

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Updated 8/21/08  


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