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True Blood: The Complete First Season

by Suzanne 6/4/09

I love this show. I have watched it from the beginning and really enjoyed it. Normally, TV shows or movies that try to do or be more than one type of thing at a time, don't work. This show is part drama, part comedy, part horror, and part soap opera, and it does them all equally well.

Based on some popular novels, the idea behind the show is that vampires exist, and they now show themselves as open citizens because of a Japanese company that developed a fake blood called TruBlood. Now they are the world's biggest oppressed minority. That's just the basics. The story mostly focuses on the citizens in a small town in Louisiana called Bon Temps. The heroine is Sookie Sackhouse, and she works as a waitress in a small bar. I can't tell you too much more without ruining the surprises in the plot. There are many shocks and surprises in this show. If you like scifi/fantasy/horror, you will probably like this. It is very well written. The actors are great, and the plots are very interesting. Alan Ball, who also did the series "Six Feet Under", as well as Oscar-winning movie "American Beauty", created and writes this show. It stars Anna Paquin, who won an Oscar for "The Piano" when she was a little girl, as SOokie. I just love the characters on this show because they are very different, quirky, and vibrant. That would be true even without the vampire element. Every time I watch an episode, I can't wait to see what happens next.

If you don't like nudity, or blood, you might not like the show. True Blood does air on HBO, and its DVDs are uncut. You might wait and see if it airs on TV eventually if you don't want to see the nasty stuff. But it's really good and that stuff is not mostly what it's about.

I am very happy to have the DVD for my collection. It has some great extras. The advertising campaign for the show was spectacular. They had many ads in both print and TV, focusing on the rights of vampires, not on the TV show itself. They were genius, in my opinion. Some of these ads can be seen as extras on the DVD extras disk. There is a great documentary, like a 20/20 or MSNBC in-depth news story, called "In Focus: About Vampires in America". There is also the usual audio commentary for the episodes.

The package set is very nice, it looks good and there is plenty of room to protect the 5-disk set.

I really recommend this for anyone who loves vampires, scifi/horror/fantasy, good writing and acting, and wry social commentary. It's also a really good soap opera. I love the romance between Sookie and Bill, and there is also sort of a triangle with bar owner Sam.

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