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Torchwood - The Complete Second Season

by Suzanne 9/11/08

Torchwood is a great show. The guy who writes it, Russell T. Davies, also writes the new "Doctor Who", one of my very faovrite shows. Torchwood is just as excellent. Both shows have fabulous characters, great action, mind-bending twists, touching, often tragic moments, and lots of humor. Scifi just doesn't get any better than this.

The hero of Torchwood is Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman. Captain Jack is from the future, where people don't have the sexual hang-ups that they have today. He is unabashedly bi-sexual and likes to flirt with everyone and everything. This was all established when he first appeared in Doctor Who. Thanks to his experiences with the doctor, Captain Jack cannot die. This makes him a great hero because he can often sacrifice himself to save the day, and keep coming back.

John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack, has amazing charisma and is fun to watch.  He is handsome and obviously enjoys his role.  Although Barrowman is British, he puts on a great American accent. Captain Jack is always front and center in the story, but the other cast members are very good as well.

From Doctor Who, we know that there are many aliens races and planets out there, and many time-traveling creatures as well. Torchwood was created to deal with the ones that visit to Earth (when the Doctor is not around to do so). Torchwood is centered on Cardiff, which is supposedly built on a rift in the time and space continuum (meaning they get more aliens coming through there than anywhere else on Earth).

Captain Jack has a few other people in Torchwood helping him out, and besides chasing aliens, they have inter-office sex and romance. Since Captain Jack can't die, he has to try to protect these people, who are very dear to him, even as they help him fight the bad guys.

This season they have a guest star that is one of my favorites, James Marsters. He played Spike the vampire on both Angel and Buffy, as well as Brainiac on Smallville. He is a great actor and does a wonderful job here playing Captain John, Jack's old friend, lover, and nemesis.

The DVD has all of the great episodes of season two. You can just watch this season and not really know much more than what I've told you, but I would advise that you watch season one first, as well as every season of Doctor Who (trust me, you'll enjoy them all).

Also on the DVD are some special features, of course. It has all of the webisodes called "Torchwood Declassified", which go behind-the-scenes of every episode. If that wasn't enough, it also deleted scenes and humorous outtakes from the episodes. Then on top of that, there is a great special called "The Life and Deaths of Captain Jack", which goes into great detail about Jack's history, his deaths, and some other things like the stunts and music of the show. It's well worth watching for any fan.

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Updated 9/11/08  


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