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Tony Bennett - The Music Never Ends

Tony Bennett - The Music Never Ends

by Laurie 1/19/08

This is truly a beautiful and classic DVD. In it we get to see Tony Bennett early in his career. We learn about his childhood and his background. We also learn how Bennettís son and manager, Danny, successfully revived his career. This documentary also touches on Bennettís time in the military. The DVD even includes classic film footage of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly dancing to classic Tony Bennett songs. The documentaryís producer, Clint Eastwood, has great rapport with Bennett. The two seem quite comfortable with each other. When Eastwood asks Bennett a question, itís as if we are sitting in the room with them. Bennett answers questions and tells stories with honesty and love. He is truly a remarkable man.

I loved hearing all of the personal stories about Tony Bennett. Many friends and fans of Tony Bennett are included on the first disc. They include Harry Belafonte, Martin Scorsese, Mel Brooks, and Alec Baldwin. Each of them tells a story or two or shares a memory of Tony Bennett. Also enjoyable was hearing and seeing Tony Bennett singing with the likes of Doris Day and Judy Garland. Those classic clips sent chills down my spine.

This DVD is perfect for the Tony Bennett lover. It is also great for any music lover. Itís interesting, charming, touching, and entertaining. I highly recommend this DVD set.

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