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Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale



 Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/12/07

The best thing about this cartoon is the music, which is from original Nutcracker Suite ballet by Tchaikovsky. There are some original songs as well (or at least original lyrics), but the majority of it is the Nutcracker Suite music.

The story bears very little resemblance to the Nutracker Suite. In the original story, the Mouse King is the bad guy, and he is defeated by the Nutcracker soldier. In this version, Jerry the Mouse, always the hero, is the good guy. Tom and the other cats are the soldiers, and they are the bad guys.

There are some Christian overtones and references in this as well (there are not any in the original story), which may please some parents but not others.

For the kids, it's a cute, fairly original and enjoyable story with the usual good Warner Brothers animation. It has plenty of movement and action, goofy cartoon stuff, and even a love story of sorts. It should be a pleasant way to spend an hour at the holidays.

For adults, it's not all that interesting unless you really really like Tom and Jerry or animation. The story is definitely aimed at children. But at least you can listen to the music and enjoy that.

The DVD has some interactive aspects that can be used on the computer. It has some games involving the characters, including some mazes. You can see trailers for the movie. There is an interactive game where you can make your own storybook - that was definitely the coolest feature. Other than that, it has some links to the WB Kids website and some other information.

The DVD would definitely make a good gift for any family or child.

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Updated 12/12/07  


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