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 Tom & Jerry 1: Fur Flying Adventures


  Review by Suzanne 3/7/11

This is a set of old Tom & Jerry cartoons (I'm not sure how old, but I'm guessing at least from the 50's if not older). You can tell by the music and the voices, and other things. They are the same cartoons I grew up watching on TV.  They are fun to see, and anyone should enjoy them.  Kids should love these old cartoons.

Tom and Jerry are the model for "Itchy and Scratchy" on The Simpsons, but they were never that violent. Now, the old Heckle and Jeckle cartoons...those were pretty violent.  Anyway, if you are overly concerned about that kind of thing, watch them first before watching with your kids...but I think they're pretty harmless. Those of us who grew up watching them were not scarred for life!

Press release:

Warner Bros. is releasing Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures on DVD. Everyone’s favorite cat and mouse Tom and Jerry are back in an all new collection with 14 shorts selected to give endless entertainment for the entire family.

Synopsis: They’re at it again – hilariously – in a new and nutty 14-cartoon collection! In this corner, a perturbed pussycat. In the other corner, a mischievous mouse. Let the comedic mayhem begin with this menagerie of 14 fur-flying dust-ups. The tussling twosome travel through time (Guided Mouse-ille), to Europe (Neapolitan Mouse) and into space (O-Solar-Meow). And it’s two against one when Tom’s scaredy-cat cousin George comes to town in Timid Tabby. But Jerry comes out on top time and again in Pet Peeve, That’s My Mommy and Robin Hoodwinked. This collection’s classic cartoons starring your family’s longstanding favorite cat and mouse duo again prove that as their rivalry is neverending, so are the joy and the laughs they spark!

Available on DVD: February 8th

WBShop Product Page:,default,pd.html?cgid=&adid=WB_ADS_WBE_FB_Tom&JerryFurFlyingAdventure

“Computer” Clip

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Updated 11/15/11  


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