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The Office - The First Complete Season (NBC)

The Office - The First Complete Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  8/23/05

This show is based on a successful show in the UK of the same name. It's very popular with fans and critics alike.  The NBC version that I am reviewing apparently got good enough ratings that they renewed the show.  All of the networks are pretty desperate for a successful comedy right now.

I have previously watched part of the UK version of the show, and this one seems a lot like that one. I think the actor who starred in the UK version was very different, and perhaps the audience felt more sorry for him than the one in the US version. The main character is manager Michael Scott, who is clueless as to just how stupid he is, what a bad manager he is, and how much his employees despise him.  The thing is filmed a bit like a documentary. I remember thinking that the UK one seemed so real. I think the NBC one lacks the subtlety of the UK version.  That's typical because network executives in this country think that Americans are stupid and that subtlety is lost on us.  They have to hit us over the head with every joke.

Frankly, I don't really like either version because I have worked in too many offices and met too many people like this manager and the other people in the show.  It just hits too close to home for me.  Also, the humor is all rooted in seeing how awful the people are, which would be fine, but it's what I call "embarrassment humor", which I hate.  It's all about watching the people act like fools and being embarrassed by it.  That kind of humor makes me cringe.

If that type of humor doesn't bother you, you may like this show.  The acting is fine and it seems to be well-done.  They did a fairly good job of copying the UK version, from what I can tell.

The DVD only has some deleted scenes and commentary....too bad it doesn't have more. I would like to hear more about the UK version and comparisons to that one, plus info about the actors.  Perhaps future DVD's will have that.

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Updated 8/23/05  


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