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Review by Suzanne 5/28/07

The O.C. - The Complete Fourth Season

The O.C. season 4 DVD cover

This is a great primetime soap from FOX.  Unlike many primetime soaps, it was multi-generational. It not only focused on the teens, but their parents.  The show was fun, fast-paced, sexy, and trendy. It used cool music and clothes and probably not only reflected but influenced pop culture for a while.  This was a "cool show" for a while.

It lasted four years, longer than it was just a cool fad.  It was always a good drama and the acting on it was superb.  If you like good drama, good soaps, or just watching beautiful people, this is the soap to watch.

The show is about a kid from a broken home named Ryan, who is taken in by his lawyer's family, the Cohens, when he has nowhere else to go. The Cohens live by the beach in a trendy area of Orange County, so Ryan learns how to live how the other half lives, which is not easy for him.  The Cohens' son Seth, who is kind of a geek, becomes like a brother to Ryan, and the two of them date the girl next door, Marisa, and her friend Summer. The show large focuses on these teens, their school, their friends, and their families. 

This desk set is a must-have for any OC fan. It comes in a nice box and extras.  Unlike most TV sets, it has a whole separate disk of Bonus Features. These include a special called "The Magic That Is Chrismukkah", where the cast, crew and religious experts talk about the show's holiday (Chrismukkah).  There is a special focusing on Summer, and also unaired scenes.  Each episode also has commentaries from the show's writer.  There is also a nice booklet that lists all of the episodes, their titles and the scenes' titles, with pictures and summaries. There are also some great pictures on the disk box.  What more could any O.C. fan want?

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Updated 5/28/07 


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