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The Job-The Complete Series

 The Job - The Complete Series  (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/11/05

I was really bummed out when this series was canceled, but I wasn't terribly surprised.  There have been quite a few shows where the lead character is very unlikable, including "Buffalo Bill", "Action", "Becker" and this one, and they all have been canceled pretty quickly.  It wasn't until "Married with Children" came along that any show had such unlikable characters.  The only reason it survived, I think, is because Al was such a hapless fool.  You felt sorry for him more than hated him.  The stars of these other shows were not as sympathetic.  I guess people have trouble watching shows about mean or worthless people.

I don't really care if the people on my screen are likable, as long as they are entertaining.  For a comedy, I only demand that it is funny.  I found Denis Leary and "The Job" hysterical, so I loved it, and so did my husband. I think it also had a bad time slot.  It didn't seem like ABC had much confidence in it at the time, either, because they kept moving it around.

Leary stars as a slightly crooked cop who is cheating on his wife with his girlfriend.  He also smokes heavily, pops pills and has a drinking problem.  His other buddies on the force are not much different.  They are rude, crude, and obnoxious, but they are also funny and in some ways very real.  The show, which lasted only 19 episodes, was about how his life was falling apart.

The show was often dark,  but it was also surprisingly original.  If you like very funny, sarcastic TV, you will love this.  If you only like "gentle humor", then you probably wouldn't like this.  Give it a try! 

The set comes with many great extras.  Leary now has the successful show on FX "Rescue Me".  I'm sure we can thank that show, at least in part, for the release of "The Job".  Thank goodness!!

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Updated 8/11/05  


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