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 The Flying Scissors

  Review by Suzanne 7/15/10

This is a very funny movie. It's a fake documentary about people who play rock/paper/scissors competitively.  If you liked other fake documentaries like "This Is Spinal Tap" or shows like "The Office", you will probably like this.  It's very funny, and very well done. I am so glad they sent me a copy!

It doesn't have any stars you would have heard of, but that doesn't matter.  In fact, it kind of adds to the "reality" of it. It does remind me of a reality show, in fact.  Those are supposed to be "real" but this obviously is not. It's a heckuva lot funnier, though.

It only has a few extras: a theatrical trailer and commentary with the writers.  This is not for kids because it has some foul language.  Rent it or buy it - you will enjoy it!

Here is some more info:

"The Flying Scissors" is  a 90-minute comedy set in the grueling world of competitive Rock Paper Scissors, shot in the style of popular TV shows "The Office" and "Arrested Development." 

Though it relies on a relatively quirky premise, the film was produced primarily as a satire on the current state of sports and, as such, features familiar athletes: a rags to riches stay-at-home Dad, a trash-talking hustler, a beauty queen with questionable talent, and a seasoned veteran whose arthritis cripples his RPS talents to the point where he is tempted by steroids. 

Last fall the film toured at 42 colleges around the country where it developed a devoted cult following before it finally opening at select theaters around the country. It was then picked up by Warner Brothers, who released the film On-Demand into 50 million homes on March 1. 

"The Flying Scissors" will be released on DVD (June 29).

For further information (and to view the trailer), please visit: 


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Updated 7/15/10  


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