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Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First Season 

by Suzanne 8/2/08

I loved this show from episode one, all the way through the first season, so I am very happy to get this disk collection. It is a thrill-a-minute ride, just like the movies. Yet, because it's a TV show, it has more layers and more character development. It was a brilliant idea to show what John Connor's teen years would be like because he's got a few more problems than your average teen. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joan of Arcadia, or many other scifi/fantasy shows, he is trying to be a regular high school kid, even though he knows that he has a great destiny that has to come first.

They chose great actors for the show. They all do a fabulous job. Lena Headey is a very worthy successor to Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor (Hamilton played her in the Terminator movies). The actor who plays John, Thomas Dekker, does a great job as the angsty John. He previously played a minor role on "Heroes", which I also watch. The casting department on the show deserves kudoes for the job they have done here for every single role.

Like 24, the show is action-packed, especially in this first season. It just grabs you and doesn't let you go. I'm sure that you are familiar with the basic plot from the three Terminator movies: evil robots from the future are sent to the present to kill John so that he won't lead a successful human rebellion against the robots. I am not a Terminator expert, so I can't tell you whether the show sticks closely to the movies' history or whether it messes up any timelines. It's not the kind of show that really sticks to one certain timeline, though, since it can be changed so drastically and easily. It's not really a time travel show, but some time travel does occur. Honestly, though, I don't find that part confusing. I just enjoy the great characters and the action. Even if you've never seen the movies, you will probably enjoy the show on its own.

One of my favorite actresses also stars in this show as a robot from the future, but she has been programmed to help the Connor family, not hurt them. Summer Glau, who previously starred in "Firefly" and "The 4400" (and was superb in both) does her usual great job here as Cameron. As the three travel around the country, Cameron and John must pose as brother and sister. Cameron looks young enough to pose as a high school girl. Since she is very sexy, it makes it difficult for John to remember she's a robot.

Anyway, it's an awesome show, especially if you like scifi. Now, the DVD set is packed with many features that are worth having if you are a fan of the show. There are commentaries on three of the episodes (why only three, I'm not sure-- maybe because they wanted to rush it out while the show was still in its second season, since FOX tends to cancel scifi shows very quickly). There is a behind-the-scenes specially called "Creating the Chronicles" which examines how the show is made. There are two different versions of one of the episodes "The Demon Hand", which is a pivotal episode (guest-starring fine actor Bruce Davison). I guess they cut their original for TV, so here is the extended version as well as the one that aired. There are the usual features such as cast audition scenes, storyboard, gag reel, and unaired scenes. They also show SUmmer Glau's dance rehearsal (she dances toward the end of the season).

The DVD set is just a really great treat and everyone should buy it.

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Updated 11/11/08  


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