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Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Seventh Season

Tales From the Crypt Season 7 DVD 

Tales From the Crypt: The Complete Seventh Season

by Laurie 1/18/08

It seems you can’t keep a dead man down.  Our old pal, the Crypt Keeper is back.  This is the final season of Tales From The Crypt.  The DVD set contains an unlucky 13 episodes.  This original series has stories that are sometimes creepy, usually scary, and often times funny.  Some episodes that stand out on this set feature Natasha Richardson, Ewan McGregor, and Daniel Craig.  John Kassir gives the Crypt Keeper his unforgettable and chilling voice.  Disc 3 contains the “Fatal Caper” virtual comic book, which is an interesting feature.

Though I’m not necessarily a “horror” fan, I did enjoy watching Tales From The Crypt.  Most of the episodes are actually quite entertaining.  I wouldn’t suggest this for family night though.  Both the content and the Crypt Keeper are not recommended for young children.  If you enjoy this set, I would highly recommend you look at the first six seasons of the series.  

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Updated 1/18/08  


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