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Swingtown: The First Season DVD cover


  Swingtown: The First Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 6/15/19

I remember when this show came on TV. I think I read a review that made me think that this wasn't a show I would like. I really don't remember that well. Too bad because it's pretty good.

I think they advertised this as being much more sexy than it really is, so people who tuned in for that might have been disappointed. It's really a good soap opera, with some scenes that might have seen sexy in the 80's, but are pretty chaste for this century.  Compared to what we see now on HBO or Netflix, it's not bad at all.  The swinging couples don't even hint at the men or women having same-sex intercourse, so that makes the series seem a little dated compared to most shows today.  There are some gay minor characters, though.

I don't know why CBS had this show because it seems like it would have been better on cable, where they could have pushed the envelope a little more.

I liked how they did the 1970's fashions, styles, etc. They seemed very accurate to me. I grew up in that same time (although in California, where I'm sure things were a little different).

It's great to see actors that we've come to know in other series, like Josh Hopkins (who's been in many shows), Grant Show with a silly porn-style mustache, and Lana Parilla, who went on to star in the fabulous show "Once Upon a Time" as the Evil Queen.  She shined in both shows.

I think most people would enjoy watching this set at least once. It has many fun special features.


Join the swinglers as the sizzling drama SWINGTOWN: THE FIRST SEASON returns in a 4-disc DVD, featuring all 13 episodes including bonus content, audio commentaries, gag reels and deleted scenes.

From Emmy-nominated director Alan Poul ("Six Feet Under"), the 1970s-themed  SWINGTOWN follows married couple Susan Miller (Molly Parker, "Deadwood") and Jack Miller (Jack Davenport, Pirates of the Caribbean) as they move into a suburban neighborhood in Chicago next door to Trina Decker (Lana Parrilla, "Once Upon a Time") and Tom Decker (Grant Show, "Melrose Place"), a couple with a peculiar marriage arrangement.  Seeking new connections with each other in the midst of the sexual revolution, SWINGTOWN explores newfound relationships between the swinger couples through open marriages, rendezvous and provocative gatherings.

 SWINGTOWN: THE FIRST SEASON also stars Britt Robertson ("The Secret Circle"), Josh Hopkins ("The Perfect Storm") and Michael Rady (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).

Special Features: "The Spirit of 176: The Making of Swingtown" Take a behind-the-scenes look at how production recreated 1976 from set designs and props to costumes and hair and makeup. Exclusive interviews with cast and crew detail the challenges of bringing "Swingtown" to life.

"Have a Nice Revolution: Sex & Morality in 1970's America" Get up close and personal with the writers and cast of "Swingtown" on their favorite memories and nostalgia for the '70's.  This thematic piece chronicles the show's real-life influences, including the sexual revolution, the feminist movement and the disillusionment of the public after the Watergate scandal.

audio commentaries - Executive producers Mike Kelley and Alan Poul provide audio commentary on episodes "Pilot" and "Take It To the Limit."

 Also gag reel, deleted scenes.

Specifications: Full Screen Format; English 5.1 Surround; English Stereo Surround; English SDH Subtitles (CC removed)

US Rating: Not Rated

CA Rating: 18A - Sexual Content, Mature Theme

Run time: Approximately 9 hours, 7 minutes

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Page updated 8/31/19

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