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"Surface" Review by Suzanne 8/26/06

Surface - The Complete Series
Surface DVD cover

I watched all of this show when it aired 2005-2006. I love scifi, and this was a great scifi show. I wasn't sure at the very beginning if I would like it, but it quickly won me over. There were two other scifi shows that started the same year, which were also good, but they were all canceled (which is very annoying).  At least they allowed this one to air through the entire run that they had already filmed, and in some ways you can view it as a long miniseries because it does have a sort of ending to it (even though it is left somewhat up in the air as to the fate of the characters and, the world).

The show's premise is that some unusual undersea creatures have been discovered by various people.  Throughout the series, we follow two or three of the people whose lives are affected by discovering these creatures (and of course eventually they do all find each other).  We slowly learn what these wonderous creatures are and where they came from. 

The special effects are fantastic and the story is very compelling. The characters are interesting and the creatures are cute and even have their own personalities to a certain extent.  It is not a "kid's show" but kids will probably enjoy it.

I think two things may have done the show in.  One is that the show does not have actors that you immediately warm to or that are very charismatic. I believe Lake Bell's character in particular probably turned people off. 

I think the other thing that made the ratings drop was that they sort of explained where the creatures came from part-way through the season, which was too soon and ruined part of the suspense.  Those are my theories, anyway. I enjoyed the show thoroughly all the way through, despite its flaws.  I came to really love it and look forward to it.

On the DVD, there is a short feature about the special effects on the show.  That is worth seeing for any "Surface" fan.  There are a few deleted scenes as well.

Read my previous review of the show from when it aired.

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Updated 8/26/06 


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