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Supernatural 4th season DVD cover Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season

by Suzanne 8/26/09

Supernatural has been one of my favorite shows ever since it started.  What made it great from the start was that it was like old-fashioned spooky horror, even though it still is youth-oriented.  It grabs us older people with the 70's cars and old rock tunes that Dean drives and listens to, yet both Sam and Dean are young guys, and the show is on the CW.

The show is fast-paced and fun, yet there is also a certain amount of pathos, just as there is with any great epic story or battle between good and evil.  Dean and Sam are brothers, but they have a great love and camaraderie for each other that is seldom found anywhere outside literature.  Their daily trials are what brings their family together, even as it also tears them apart.

This season was no different than earlier ones as Dean came out of Hell and Sam fought to keep his demon powers secret.  Of course I already watched every episode, but I love collecting the show, so that's why I have the DVD.  Dean and Sam are aided by an angel, Castiel, who is nothing like any angel that we've ever seen.  Dean learns that Sam is working with the demon, Ruby, to fight other demons.  They soon both learn that they are supposed to stop another demon, Lillith, from breaking the Seven Seals because then, literally, all Hell will break loose.

Although there are epic battles looming, the show has its usual humor and fun along the way.  The writers' imaginations really come to live this season with some great episodes, including "In the Beginning", where Dean travels to 1973 to meet his parents; "It's a Terrible Life", where Sam and Dean live different lives of mundane obscurity, for a little while; and "The Monsters At The End of the Book", where Sam and Dean find that someone has been turning their adventures into comic books. It is a great season, and I can't wait for the start of season five!

The DVD set comes in a nice, sturdy box with a good design. It also has a booklet with pictures and episode guide.

The Special Features includes just one main short, "The Mythologies of Supernatural: From Heaven to Hell". Otherwise, there are just a couple of audio commentaries and the gag reel.  They are all enjoyable. "The Mythologies of Supernatural" is split up into different parts, so it is a lot more than it seems. It explains everything about the angels, humans, and demons.  This is a great show, especially if you like horror, scifi, fantasy, or the supernatural.  Maybe even if you don't.

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Updated 9/14/09  


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