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Supernatural - Third Season DVD cover

Supernatural - The Complete Third Season

by Suzanne 9/2/08

This is a great show that I never miss. I love everything about it. They have neat special effects and lots of horror. It's not the kind of horror that is excessively gore or gross. It is more of the old-fashioned terrifying sort. They do have their moments of gore, though, but it does not bother me, and they do not rely heavily on it. The show has great humor, lots of funny one-liners. The relationship between the two brothers is awesome, and they are both gorous. The show never lets me down. This season is no different, and I can't wait for next season, either, which starts soon.

This past year, season 3, they introduced two new female characters, Bela and Ruby. We still saw their old friend, Bobby, too, which was great.

The DVD is a good thing to have if you love the show (and personally I can't see why anyone would not love this show). Besides the episodes, there are a lot of neat extras. There is a "behind the scenes" feature about the special and visual effects. Anyone who cares about those aspects of the show should enjoy that. Another short featurette has the prop and car experts talking about the cars and props on the show. Dean loves his Impala on the show, and we learn all about it on this feature. My favorite is the gag reel, where the actors are seen making goofy faces, acting silly, flubbing their lines, cursing, tripping, etc. Every DVD should have a gage reel, in my opinion.

Instead of having running commentary, which frankly I never listen to because my time is too valuable, they have a few short minutes about each episode, where the director, producer etc. talks about something to do with that episode. That is a great idea. It was very enjoyable.

I am very glad to own this set along with the first two seasons. I can't wait for more!

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Updated 9/2/08  


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